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Good Game: All-Female Pro Gaming Team Frag Dolls Is Retiring

It's so haaaaard to say goodbye.


In a heartfelt and happy teared goodbye post, the Frag Dolls, an all-female professional competitive gaming team, have announced that the team is being retired. The team was founded in 2004, and their purpose was “to multiply the ranks of women in the video game industry and to promote gaming as a welcoming and joyful venture for all.”

What began as an experiment by Ubisoft to promote their games turned into one of video games’ longest running and most decorated professional teams. They made history by being the first all-female team to rank #1 at CPL. But perhaps one of their longest lasting legacies will be the impact they’ve made on the gaming landscape by proving that gaming isn’t just a venture solely for men.

We thrived on the delight of challenging people’s assumptions. We have countless memories of the reactions from people who had simply taken for granted that only teenage boys ever played games competitively. We discovered a deep wellspring of satisfaction in breaking that stereotype, and sometimes seeing perspectives shift, even just slightly.

Not only have they changed views on women in gaming simply by their performance at competitive gaming events, but they were able to provide a springboard for women to enter the games industry with their Cadette program. Through that, they were able to bring sorely-needed diversity to the industry workforce.

In a time when diverse representation and equality are still being fought for in the games industry, it’s hard to say goodbye to such a storied and legendary group of women. But whatever their reasons, their accomplishments, achievements, and advocacy all speak for themselves, and the world of games is forever changed for the better by their efforts.

Thank you, Frag Dolls. You’ve been an incredible inspiration to this geek.

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