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The Coolest Gifts for the Gamers in Your Life

A colorful neon gaming setup with a monitor, keyboard, and headphones

Gifts for gamers don’t have to be expensive. Many players will be satisfied with ticking off some games from their Steam Libraries. Others are more than happy to get small gachapon figures of the characters from their favorite RPGs or other merchandise from that same game.

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There are also a lot of peripherals to pick and choose from if you’re gifting your gamer friends updated gear, and they’re not bank-breaking finds, either. Whether you get them something from their favorite games or new accessories for their consoles, these suggestions are bound to make your gamer friends happy.

Razer Seiren Mini

This affordable and compact streaming microphone shouldn’t be underestimated by anybody. It’s usually priced around $30-$60. Even audiophiles who’ve reviewed this condenser gave it glittering reviews for its price point. Your friend who plays a lot of Valorant may not have plans to stream on Twitch, but having good comms is still important for any gamer in competitive sports.

This mic is also perfect for gamers who have other hobbies that require them to record themselves with crisp and clean audio. But even if they’re just streaming on Discord with you on the other end of the line, it’d be nice to hear your friend speak without any staticky feedback while you co-op your favorite game together.

Gaming Funko Pops

Why Funkos? Because they’re widely available to a diverse range of gamers. Hit games such as the Final Fantasy series, Genshin Impact, and so many more have their popular characters immortalized as cute, doe-eyed figures. Sephiroth looks cute as a Funko Pop, even if he still feels a bit menacing.

They’re stationary figures though, so they’re not for friends who like playing with their figures. But for anybody who wants a reminder of their favorite characters on their desk, Funko Pops make good gifts, and they come in a diverse range of sizes and prices.

Steam Gift Card

Different prices for Steam Gift Cards.

You want to buy your friend a game, but you have no idea which one they’d prefer. Sometimes, the best gift you can give to somebody during the holidays is cold, hard cash. But for gamers, Steam Gift Cards can be just as helpful as cash so that they can grab as many games as they want during the holiday sales.

The best part is that they come in a good range of prices. You can get your friend a $5 Steam Gift Card or a $100 one. This is perfect for those who don’t know what exactly would make their gamer friends happy if they already seem to have it all.

Resin Custom Wrist Rest by Moonswitch

The wrist rest agenda is strong and for a good reason. Gaming for hours will strain your friends’ wrists, and the only thing that could help them through that pain is to keep their wrists somewhat elevated to their keyboard.

Moonswitch creates custom resin wrist rests that many gamers would love on their desks. The cute boba wrist rest is just one of their many unique designs. They also have floral themes or steampunk designs available in their Etsy shop. Their wrist rests come in different sizes, and they’re roughly $100 depending on the size.

Extended RBG Gaming Mousepad by Desk Neko

Desk Neko’s designs are amazing, but so is the quality of their extended mousepads. For non-RGB fans, their desk mats can also be ordered without the LED. But for those who love the glowing lights at the borders of their mousepad, it’s also possible for these stunning mats to have LED rainbow borders.

Needless to say, most gamers would love to have desk mats because of their excessive hand movement during games. FPS gamers, in particular, are fond of flicking their wrists so much during games at high speeds, and small mousepads aren’t suitable for most of them. Desk Neko’s extended mousepads are great gifts for gamers on both an aesthetic and functional level.

Laptop Bag by Easton Cases

Waterproof Laptop Bag and Cute Bear Laptop Bag from Easton Cases
(Easton Cases/Etsy)

Most laptop gamers would carry their things with backpacks since gaming laptops are known for being atrociously huge. Normal laptop bags aren’t sufficient since the average gaming laptop is 17 inches, while most laptop bags are made for laptops around 15-16 inches.

These custom laptop bags from Easton Cases can cater to every gamer. If your friend works somewhere with a particular dress code, they could opt for the waterproof laptop bags Easton Cases have and customize them based on their laptop’s size. For friends who prefer something cute and funky, the Bear Laptop Bag is a better pick for them.

Razer Basilisk V3 Pro

Wireless gadgets are usually preferred by many gamers. Tangling is annoying, but cables are also restrictive during gaming. Wireless gadgets are probably already on your friend’s wishlist, so you should check them out. Razer has a good range of wireless mice, but for $150, you can get the Basilisk V3 Pro for your friend.

If you’re a gamer yourself, getting a mouse from Razer is a good investment. Think of it as a holiday gift for yourself to make gaming easier. It weighs 112 grams, making it neither too light nor heavy for your gaming activities.

HyperX Cloud III Wireless

Again, wireless gadgets will always be a blessing to many gamers. HyperX Cloud III Wireless is known to have great audio output and noise-canceling features, and it also has a great microphone attached to it. For gamer friends who need a good headset instead of just a condenser mic, the HyperX Cloud III Wireless is definitely a good pick for around $120.

Its battery life is great for gamers who forget to recharge, and it also prevents the horror of losing communication during a game due to short battery life.

Akko 5075S VIA Gasket

Not all gamers are keyboard modding fans, but these Akko gaskets are good if your friend needs a good 75% keyboard gasket. The size is perfect for more mouse space, and the hot-swappable switches are great for gamers who need to update their keyboard switches once in a while.

You don’t need to get them the switches since many gamers have their own preferences when it comes to keyboard switches. The gasket is priced at around $60. Even if you’re giving just the barebone DIY Kit, many gamer friends will appreciate this highly customizable gift.

Outemu Keyboard Switches

Speaking of switches, these Outemu Switches are great alternative gifts for your friend who types a little harder, even as a gamer. If your gamer friend also loves modifying their keyboards, these switches are usually affordable and useful gifts. Brown Switches and Red Switches are usually gamer preferences, with the Browns needing more actuation force than the Reds.

But there are more colors for these switches, so it’s best to ask your friend how hard they type. They’re usually priced at $10 for 20 pieces, which isn’t a bad price if you’re going to buy 75 switches in total.

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