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11 Blumhouse Horror Video Game Collabs We’d Love To See

The horror movie production studio Blumhouse is getting into horror gaming. “There’s a unique opportunity for horror and genre in the indie game space, and I’m thrilled about teaming up with Blumhouse to meaningfully leverage the company’s brand, reputation, and creative talent,” said Zach Wood, the president of the company’s new subsidiary.

Indie gaming definitely feels up Blumhouse’s (dark and foreboding) alley; the studio has made a name for itself by producing hit genre movies on a relatively low budget. It makes sense that they’d also want to collab with game studios using similar models.

So here’s some of the video gaming studios we’d most like to see Blumhouse Games collab with.

Kinetic Games

Paranormal Activity is the franchise that put Blumhouse on the map, and Phasmophobia is basically Paranormal Activity: The Game. It’s not hard to imagine a collaboration between Blumhouse and Kinetic. Alternatively, they could adapt the Unfriended series’ screen-capture style to a first-person video game that takes place online.

Steel Wool Studios

Blumhouse is already producing the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie, so I would honestly be surprised if they haven’t talked with Steel Wool Studios about working on a game together. Obviously, the game would likely be related to the film adaptation, but I could also see a M3GAN cameo in a future FNAF game.

Frictional Games

Obviously, Frictional Games isn’t the indie studio they were when they first started on the Amnesia series, but I think they fit the bill for studios that Blumhouse could make a new masterpiece with.

Saber Interactive

Saber is the studio behind Evil Dead: The Game, which is perhaps one of the most detailed games based on an existing franchise. It features characters from every movie and show, many of whom are voiced by their original actors. I could see Saber making a game for the Purge series, which has an extensive array of heroes and villains to play as, much like the asymmetrical gameplay of Evil Dead.

Tale of Tales

It doesn’t get more indie than something like Tale of Tales, probably best known for The Path or The Endless Forest. Still, if Blumhouse is looking for something a little more retro or small-scale, I could see them working together.

Beautiful Glitch

Obviously, Beautiful Glitch is more of a humorous suggestion, but if Blumhouse wants to embrace the meme, making a dating sim with some of their horror comedies like Happy Death Day and Freaky could be a lot of fun. Beautiful Glitch has made a ton of fun games like Monster Prom and Monster Camp and I can only imagine the hilarious things they could do with time loops and body-switching in a dating sim setting.

(The studios below are technically no longer indie game studios, but are still studios that I’d love to see work with Blumhouse on a new title.)

Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive is the studio behind the hit game Dead by Daylight, and they’re an obvious choice as they’ve already brought Michael Myers and Laurie Strode to gaming once—I’m sure they’d love to do it again. Their second DLC chapter for Resident Evil shows that they’re willing to return to franchises they’ve already covered, and I could see Corey Cunningham and Allyson Strode being brought into the Fog. Their Legendary Skins could also allow players to turn Laurie and Michael into 2018 versions of themselves.

Gunn Media

Gunn Media is the studio behind the Friday the 13th game and the upcoming Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Their attention to detail would make them the other ideal choice for bringing the recent Halloween trilogy into the world of gaming. Alternatively, I could see them designing an asymmetrical horror game with all kinds of Blumhouse horror icons, like Babyface from Happy Death Day or the Blissfield Butcher from Freaky or even the killer from Hush.

Epic Games

Let’s be honest, M3GAN is basically a Fortnite collab waiting to happen. Fortnite might not be a horror game, but it’s had many collabs with horror franchises, such as Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, The Walking Dead, Alien, Predator, The Evil Dead, Doom, and Dead Space. M3GAN was re-cut to PG-13 specifically to appeal to younger people, so I feel this is at least being considered.


Obviously, Konami is a bit of a longshot but not nearly as impossible as it might’ve seemed four months ago. Konami recently announced their return to gaming with the Silent Hill 2 remake, as well as multiple new titles. I could easily see Blumhouse approaching Konami to adapt some of their more psychological horror movies into games.

What game studios would you like to see Blumhouse Games work with? Comment below!

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