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DC Bombshells Expands Brand to Include Annual Issue, Coffee Table Book, and New Busts and Figures

DC Bombshells, an alternate-history look at our favorite female DC superheroes, is only growing in popularity. Thanks to Ant Lucia's amazing artwork that inspired the line in the first place, Marguerite Bennett's fabulous writing, and a team of amazing artists throughout each issue, the demand for all things DC Bombshells has never been higher. Well, DC Comics is answering the call with a bunch of new merch as well as the title's very first Annual!

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This… Interesting Play Arts Kai Black Widow Figurine Leaves Us Speechless

This... sure is a thing they've made. A-yup.

So there's a lot we could say about this Black Widow figurine.

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice SDCC Exclusives Include Wonder Woman Barbie

See, Marvel? DC remembers that Wonder Woman is a thing, even if it's not her movie!

And the parade of SDCC Exclusives continues! Warner Bros' Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will have a huge presence at this year's con, and they'll be bringing some exclusive merch with them to whet your appetite for the upcoming film.

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I’m More Excited for This Jem and the Holograms Fashion Doll than I Am for the Jem and the Holograms Movie

BRB, riding my giant electric guitar to SDCC

So far the Jem and the Holograms movie appears to be suffering from chronic blah-ness, but this new special edition fashion doll is suitably outrageous.

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Red Alert: An Agent Carter Funko Pop! Is Coming in August

Homina homina homina homina homina

Hydra beware! As part of their merciless campaign to take all my money, Funko has announced a Peggy Pop!

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Doctor Who Funko! Pops and Exclusives Now Available at Hot Topic

Hot Topicy Wopicy?

And Hot Topic's geek takeover marches onward.

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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Return to SNL with Their Own Weekend Update Action Figures

Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Will you nerds be at SDCC this year? So will two of our favorite ladies!

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Orange Is the New Black Funkos Are Finally Here, We’re Holding out for Sophia

Ickle babies.

Personally I wish there were a few more character options available (I don't really need a Pornstache, thank you) but Funko's new figurines sure are cute.

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UK Toy Company Aims to Represent Disabled Kids in New Line of 3D-Printed, Customizable Dolls

Just the beginning.

In response to Toy Like Me, a Facebook campaign run by parents of disabled children and calling for "greater diversity in the toy box," UK toy company Makies has expanded their line to include hearing and walking aids for dolls as well as a doll with a birthmark.

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[UPDATED] Disney Just Mocking Us At This Point; Replaces Black Widow with Captain America in Toy Based on Black Widow Scene

You didn't see that coming?

This is some troll-level shit.

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Pizza Dog Finally Gets His Own Marvel Select Figure, All’s Right With the World


In search of an animal companion to snarf down pizzas with? After appearing in some Disney stores, a Marvel Select Lucky the Dog figurine is now also available for online order from The Marvel Shop for $24.95 (Hawkguy included).

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Rumors of Hasbro Cancelling Princess Leia Figurine Lead to #WhereIsLeia Fan Campaign

She'll be back.

What gives, laser-brain Hasbro execs?

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Things We Saw Today: This Is the Mara Jade Tee You’re Looking For

Because you can never have too many.

Hey, it's only $14.00! This is an investment, right?

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Hot Toys’ Posable, Sixth Scale Star-Lord Figurine Is Here And So Ready For His Dance Off

Come and get your love!

Sure, we've all swooned for various collectible incarnations of dancing Groot, but I never dared hope that a mere figurine could capture the swaggering ass-holery of one Peter Quill. Oh, was I wrong.

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Vinyl Halloween Figurines Bring The Serious Spoopy

We all need a miniature Michael Jackson, right?

A Large Evil Corporation previously gave us Cornetto Trilogy figurines and a vinyl Jareth the Goblin King, but they have really outdone themselves with this Halloween set. Click through for a pocket-sized zombie Michael Jackson, Carrie, and dancing Christopher Walken. If you dare!

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Nintendo Will Debut NFC Character Figurines at E3 and Bring Them to Stores Later This Year

The merchandising is strong with this one.

With Skylanders fairly uncontested in the "get kids to bug their parents into buying a bunch of toys for their video games" category, I'm amazed it's taken Nintendo so long to bring their own NFC figurines to us. They now have plans to capitalize on their massive catalogue of mascots with figurines that can be used across multiple games.

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Adorable 3D Printed Minecraft Figurines, Available for Purchase

Regardless of your feelings toward Minecraft, you have to admit that it has become a huge gaming phenomenon. However, there isn't actually too much Minecraft swag out in the world. Just some clothing, LEGOs, and the occasional toy. Luckily, there are some absolutely adorable 3D printed Minecraft figurines that you can buy and surround your dedicated Minecraft gaming PC with, because you have a dedicated Minecraft gaming PC, right? Delta Edge seems to know what's up when it comes 3D printed figurines, and their Minecraft selection is up to par. Check them out below.

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3D Printed Super Meat Boy Figurines

A few of us here at Geekosystem took a break from Minecraft to play the wonderfully difficult, hilariously bloody Super Meat Boy. While we were exploding all over buzz saws and leaving trails of slippery blood on everything we touched, Etsy user Voxelous was busy construction Super Meat Boy figurines with a 3D printer, super glue and a significant lack of slippery meat blood. The figurines, which include Meat Boy, Bandage Girl, Tofu Boy, and Brownie are on sale for $12 each plus shipping. Head on past the break to check out the rest of the 3D-printed collection.

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Incredible RPG Figurines Made from Twist-Ties

selectbutton forumer ionustron has a talent for making incredibly detailed, Japanese gaming-inspired figurines entirely from twist-ties.

It wasn’t like I was living in poverty. I went through the action figure crazes with all the other TV-heads. But something about the creative toys stuck more - the smaller, the better. Micro machines and Legos were the mainstays. I liked putty and play doh but they were too messy and fragile. It should be pathetically obvious I was obsessive about video games and back in those days there was little to no budget to market toy lines for little Japanese games. When kids would write fan fiction of Scooby Doo or draw their favorite Ninja Turtle on line paper or act out the Babysitters Club, I was off in my own space alternating between a Nintendo, a Master System, or a 2600, and when the games were mostly defeated and well past the point of replay, the adventures continued on a massive wooden kitchen table.
A few more of ionustron's creations below:

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Darth Vader Nazi Figurine, and Other Miniatures Mash-Ups

Jonathan Kuriscak is not your average guy. Sure, plenty of people collect figurines and action figures, some for far longer than the 16 years Kuriscak's been at it. But while many people collect Star Wars figurines, significantly fewer custom-craft the miniatures into Nazi generals. In fact, it's probably just Kuriscak. The above figurine of Darth Vader showing off his Nazi armband and rapier (wit?) is just one of many World War II adaptations Kuriscak has crafted with figurines. You can see more on the website for Kuriscak's solo miniature modification organization, Pack Rat Studios. They're not all related to World War II or to Star Wars. But some are related to both:

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