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I Have Somehow Managed to Narrow Down My Favorite “Wonderful Hobby Life for You” Figurine Announcements to 3 (So Far)


Love Stage

Good Smile Company and Max Factory have come together to host an event called “Wonderful Hobby Life for You,” aka, “Your wallet is doomed in 2022.”

“Wonderful Hobby Life for You” (or #WonHobby35) will be revealing upcoming figurine releases from a multitude of entertainment properties. Unfortunately, the in-person event scheduled to take place in Akihabara had to be canceled (you can already guess why), but Good Smile Company will be posting the products on their social media channels all weekend.

Besides the general excitement of finding out that your favorite characters are becoming figurines, the announcements will also reveal how far along in production each item is. It goes a little something like this:

  • A picture of the character means that there are plans to make them into a figure
  • A picture of a grayscale figure means that it’s currently being worked on/pending approval from the licensor before being colored in
  • A full-color image means that the figure is done and ready to go (or is pending final approval from the licensor)

As you can imagine (since this is a three-day event) there are a lot of figures being announced. That being said, I’m highlighting my three favorites so far, but I’m sure more will be added to my wishlist in the next couple of days.

And yes, narrowing it down to three was extremely difficult. The variety of figurines from Jujutsu Kaisen and Tokyo Revengers was enough to skyrocket my fangirl number, not to mention the Shin Megami Tensei releases, Demon Slayer, and… yeah, it’s a lot.

That being said, these three stood out to me, mostly because I wasn’t expecting to see them and, well, I just want all the merch I can get from them.

Zagreus gets some help in his escape attempt: Thanatos is on the way!


Less than a month ago I was making excited little noises about this Zagreus Nendoroid and the idea of getting even more Nendoroids (or any figurines, really) from Supergiant Games’ Hades.

So when I tell you that I let out a pterodactyl screech when I saw Thanatos, I need you to understand that I’m telling the truth. I am SO EXCITED to see more Hades merch and am THRILLED that Zagreus’ death boyfriend is on the way.

My hope is that Than’s Nendoroid comes with the following:

  • His scythe
  • A Centaur Heart since he rewards you with one if you manage to kill more enemies than him whenever he appears in an area during your escape attempt
  • Mort, Than’s beloved childhood toy that he gives to you as a Companion that can be summoned in battle

We’re already getting Sasaki and Miyano Nendoroids?!

No flippin’ way OMFG!!!!!

Sasaki and Miyano

My wholesome boys’ love reading “oops I’ve caught feelings for you” boys are getting merch! I cannot contain my absolute joy about this, and neither can the dub voice actors!

That’s Sasaki.

And that’s Miyano.

Honestly, I thought it would either 1) take a hell of a lot longer to see merch for this series, or 2) we wouldn’t get any merch at all. But there they are, ready to put a dent in my wallet (but this is definitely a purchase my wallet and I can agree on).

I’m hoping that the Nendoroids come with a little boys’ love manga (that’s tucked away in the bag Miyano always keeps it in) and a band-aid, as Miyano giving Sasaki and band-aid was when Sasaki started to fall in love with him.

What’s up danger!

Into the Spider-Verse

I have somehow spent the last couple of years without any sort of figurine for Miles “You’re a Sunflower” Morales, and clearly, that has to change. I really like the look of this figure and how Miles is leaping over the city (I’m a sucker for dynamic poses) so I’m ready to make this the first (of many) Spider-Figures in my collection.

Once the design is given final approval from the licensor I’m headed straight to the pre-order page (when it goes up).

These are the big three for me in regards to what’s been revealed so far. That being said, there are plenty of others that have been announced that I’m keeping an eye on, these are just the ones that shot to the top of my list.

Out of what’s been revealed so far, what are you most excited about? More importantly, what are you hoping gets announced next?

(Image: J.C. Staff/Good Smile Company)

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