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Darth Vader Nazi Figurine, and Other Miniatures Mash-Ups


Jonathan Kuriscak is not your average guy. Sure, plenty of people collect figurines and action figures, some for far longer than the 16 years Kuriscak’s been at it. But while many people collect Star Wars figurines, significantly fewer custom-craft the miniatures into Nazi generals. In fact, it’s probably just Kuriscak.

The above figurine of Darth Vader showing off his Nazi armband and rapier (wit?) is just one of many World War II adaptations Kuriscak has crafted with figurines. You can see more on the website for Kuriscak’s solo miniature modification organization, Pack Rat Studios. They’re not all related to World War II or to Star Wars. But some are related to both:

Some are Star Wars, but steampunk instead of World War II.

And some are neither, instead a reinvention of Skeletor. That may or may not have been my nickname in middle and high school (not by choice, until I actually watched the cartoon).

(Via Wired)

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