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Steven Universe‘s “Gem Harvest” Revisited

On aspirational versus topical representation, and other heady stuff.

It's been a hard few weeks, huh? I hope you'll all try a little thought experiment with me.

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How I Realized That Men Can Cook Thanksgiving Dinner

Somehow, in spite of the fact that this man cooked meals for me literally every day, the thought of him cooking a Thanksgiving feast was unthinkable.

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6 Tips for Navigating the Holidays When Your Family Is Bigoted

When a sense of despair overshadows normally festive days, how can we hope for comfort and peace–or hope at all?

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Science May Be Close to the End of the “Biological Clock”

Family planning may be getting a little easier!

Some women prioritize children early. Others only after they've spent some time on themselves or their career. For the women who choose to wait a little longer to have children, there has always been the concern of age-related infertility. Well now, science may be coming close to an end of the "biological clock."

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Netflix Announces Unlimited Paternity and Maternity Leave for Employees, Becoming the Coolest Company Ever

This is what Family Values are all about.

And this is why Netflix is cooler than any other company right now.

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Important Video Examines How Steven Universe Portrays An “Unconventional” Family

Humans find such fascinating ways to waste their time.

There's no single correct definition for what constitutes a "family" - so it kind of blows that we typically only see one, "nuclear" version of it in the media. But Steven Universe gives us a cartoon where the main character has a very different family set-up - and treats it like it's completely normal and awesome. Because it is. Way to go, guys.

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This Artist Recreated Seven Generations Of Her Maternal Line, Has Probably Harnessed Their Power


Artist Christine McConnell (previously of dessert monsters) went two hundred years and seven generations back into the maternal side of her family tree and did portraits recreating her ancestors. If I learned anything from Charmed it's that if at any point she uttered these women's names out loud and in order she prooobably harnessed enough power to vanquish any of her most daunting foes.

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What Everyone Is Really Thinking When You Bring Your Partner Home For The Holidays


Some of us will be bringing our significant others home for the holidays, and it's always a little awkward - especially when you consider what everyone else is thinking. Any hey, you might might remember this video's star, Alison Vingiano, from this previous video of a female superhero trying to pitch her own movie. That one is also as painful as you might imagine.

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Physiologist Proposes Theory of Milk-Making Dinosaurs

Outside of The Land Before Time movies, dinosaurs aren't exactly creatures noted for their tight familial bonds. One researcher, though, is suggesting that dinosaurs may have been more caring parents than we suspected, even going so far as to feed their babies a milk-like substance rich in antibodies and growth hormones. While lactation is unheard of in reptiles, Professor Paul Else points out that birds like flamingos, penguins, and even the humble pigeon produce "milk-like" substances, so it's not wild thinking to suggest that some dinosaurs may have had the same capacity to make something we'd very much like to try on our breakfast cereal... though probably only once.

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A Deer Walks Through a Door, Leaves Behind a Broken Family [Video]

It started like any other day; the family wakes up, mom waters the plants, and suspender-dad combs his prominent mustache. All that changed when Mother Nature decided to take the family's happiness and tranquility as easily as a deer takes a drink from the planter Mom had watered just this morning. A deer takes a few wary steps inside the house and the family erupts into chaos.

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This One, is For the Ladies (Who Are Also Moms) [Video]

For Mother's Day, we've got this heartwarming video of people thanking their moms for being the upstanding ladies that they are. Strangely, several of them focus on law-breaking, but a mother's love knows no bounds. Be sure your mom knows how much you appreciate that. Also, is that popular musician/avant garde comedian Reggie Watts at the beginning? Awesome.

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Older Brother Sticks Up For Younger Brother’s Video Game Choices in Face of Abusive Father

It's pretty rare when a life-affirming, heart warming story sneaks its way out of a major American retail chain. Especially GameStop. But this story from blogger and GameStop shift manager Kristen Wolfe might very well put a warm feeling in the deepest, darkest cockles of your heart. It's about a young boy who wants to buy games with female protagonists, and a "girl color" controller. His father will hear nothing of it, threatening to "whoop" the boy if he doesn't choose something manlier -- then the young boy's older brother steps in.

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