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5 Netflix Shows Your Whole Family Can Shut Up and Agree On

Because nothing says the holidays like bickering over programming!
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Ah the holidays! That most wonderful time of year when families come together to celebrate love, friendship, and generosity. But while that’s all well and good, you may find yourself running into what I like to call “the holiday slog”. The fun and excitement of Christmas is over, the gifts have been opened, and the goodwill has been thoroughly worn out. Now comes the sniping, the rolled eyes, and the general feelings of being well and truly over it all.

So what the hell are you supposed to do in the endless week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Well, kick back and enjoy these five Netflix selections that everyone can get behind. I’m talking programming that will please everyone from your tipsy grandpa to your sulky teenage sister to your hyperactive little cousins. Why? Because watching cheesy Christmas movies after Christmas just doesn’t feel right.

1. Nailed It!

There’s no shortage of great reality competition baking shows available, including the Dame Maggie Smith of baking shows, The Great British Bake Off. But while not everyone enjoys a cooking show, culinary disasters have a universal appeal. Enter Nailed It!. Hosted by the hilarious comedian Nicole Byer and French pastry chef Jacques Torres, the series features three amateur bakers who are tasked with recreating absurdly intricate desserts. Do they nail it? Never, but it’s hilarious to watch them try.

2. The Toys That Made Us

Mark Boudreaux star wars toys

As you watch the kids in your family eagerly unwrap their presents, you’re naturally reminded of your own favorite childhood toys. This witty, entertaining docu-series delves into the origins of classic toys from Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Ponies, and more. Not only will your family dig the trip down memory lane, but you’ll learn about the all the drama behind the creation and production of these childhood classics. And if you dig the series, check out its companion piece The Movies That Made Us, which tells the stories behind classic films.

3. Blown Away

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: how can a show about glassblowing appeal to everyone? But stay with me here. This competition series is actually kind of brilliant: there is something meditative and soothing about watching these artisans melt and mold glass into beautiful designs. Your corny uncles will love the endless glass puns and your stoner cousins will be hypnotized by the colorful melting motion. An unexpected but delightful crowd pleaser.

4. Our Planet

Fans of Planet Earth will love this eight-part series that celebrates the wonders of our natural world. Kids of all ages will be entranced by the animals, and the natural beauty can bring together even the most divided of families (you may hate your aunt’s politics, but you can definitely agree on those cute penguins. That’s something, right?) It’s the best way to enjoy nature without actually leaving the couch.

5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

I mean, this is just a really excellent movie. Sometimes that’s all you need.

What are some of your favorite crowd pleasers for the holidays? Share them in the comments!

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