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Copy of Fallout 3 Signed by Matthew Perry Resurfaces, Was Bought for $5

Video games being found that have been signed by famous folks isn't something terribly new. These signatures are often from the people that actually worked on the game, celebrities endorsing the game, or just the kid down the street that wanted to make his claim on a copy of the latest Madden title. Of all the oddities out there floating around, the copy of Fallout 3 signed by Matthew Perry is one of the weirder ones. See, Perry gave the game and an Xbox 360 to Ellen DeGeneres to auction off for charity in 2009. The copy has apparently resurfaced, and was bought for a measly $5. Poor Matthew Perry.

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Hunker Down: The Best Apocalypse Shelters In All Of Geekdom

As windows are boarded up and down the eastern seaboard, we're taking shelter, too. A triple batch of mac and cheese is on the stove, the bathtub is full of water, and we're playing with the idea of one more run to the store for ALL OF THE CANNED TUNA!!! As we prepare for the fall of Western civilization as we know it, please join us in recalling some of our favorite shelters for waiting out the end of days.

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GOG Is Handing Out Free Copies of Fallout for the Next 48 Hours

Now I'm sure some of you youngin's are quick to equate the name Fallout with Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas. This is a bad thing to do. Stop it. Stop it right now. Right now, as it turns out, is a particularly great time to stop it because GOG is dishing out free copies of Fallout, the original, for the next 48 hours. If you've never played it before, you have no excuse to not play it. If you have, you have no excuse to not do it again.

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Fallout 3 Monopoly: Do Not Pass G.O.A.T., Do Not Collect 200 Caps

I've never been a huge fan of Monopoly. I'm already in crippling debt to my friends and family, besides, dealing with that many paper bills is just a chore when they aren't real. Fallout Monopoly, however, is something I could really get behind. Before you get too excited, Fallout Monopoly, much like the beautiful zeerusty world it depicts, is not actually real. Instead, it was a pet project of deviantART user PinkAxolotl, who might love the Fallout universe more than I do.

Each square has been replaced with a location or event from the Fallout games including stops like Rivet City and Megaton. The cards also have that distinct future-50's flair and depict actions performed by our favorite little Vault Boy (he is the Vault Boy, not the Pip Boy, and certainly not Fallout Boy). And, best of all, the annoying paper money seems to be complimented with some deliciously physical caps. The only nit I might find to pick with this nonexistent game is that it appears to focus entirely on the most recent generation of games, so there are presumably no references to Vault 13 or the Master or anything, but hey, it's a Fallout Monopoly game. That's pretty much the apex of cool.

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How Did Matthew Perry Get A Job Doing Fallout: New Vegas?

Apparently he did it by expressing his love for the franchise in the most unlikely of places: The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The View.

He was on the shows more than a year ago, promoting a movie, but while he was on Ellen he gifted his host with an Xbox and a copy of Fallout 3, saying:

I played this video game so often that I injured my hand so severely that I had to go to a hand doctor and get injections in my hand because I love this video game so much.

Apparently all that dedication (and subsequent publication of said dedication) paid off, because he'll be voicing Benny, the head of the Geckos family in Fallout: New Vegas.

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Mixed Media: 10 Western Video Games that Would Make Great Anime Films

This anime still comes from what I would call an unlikely source. Or at least a source with unlikely inspiration. The image comes from Dante's Inferno: The Animated Epic, a series of anime shorts inspired not by Dante's original Divine Comedy, but by the video game Dante's Inferno.

Also mysteriously in existence is Halo Legends, an anime series based on the Halo franchise. Because when someone says "film adaptation of the Halo franchise," the first thought I have is "anime."

And now this morning brings the announcement of yet another anime adaptation of a western video game: Dragon Age. Like all these other game animes, it'll be direct-to-video, with a 2011 release date.

While I find this trend to be downright odd, there's undoubtedly some potential. Halo, at least, has a sufficient fan base that there could be an audience for the anime, and it's not a stretch to guess that there would be overlap in the anime and Halo markets. But Dante's Inferno and Dragon Age are each a bit of a stretch to justify. But who knows, they might be great.

Which brings us to the bulk of our exercise. Here are 10 Western games that I know would make for sweet anime adaptations, ranked from how much I would salivate over it, in ascending order:

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Australian AG Michael Atkinson Resigns

Attorney General of the state of South Australia Michael Atkinson, shown here being metaphorically attacked by the animated alter-ego of a prominent Australian gamer, has resigned his post as AG as of today. Or, maybe yesterday. Today in Australia. We're not really sure how the International Date Line works.

Atkinson has drawn much criticism in Australia and from gamers around the world for his stance on mature games. Specifically, his refusal to allow a R18+ rating for games. The Aussie rating system's most mature level is currently MA15+, and anything that is deemed too violent or sexualized for that is considered beyond the system. Since unrated games cannot legally be sold, this effectively bans the game nationwide.

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