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Review: Allure, Starring Evan Rachel Wood, a Relentless Depiction of Abuse Not for the Faint of Heart

3 out of 5 stars.

Evan Rachel Wood has recently taken the fight against abusers to Congress, where she testified in favor of an expanded Sexual Assault Survivor's Bill of Rights, sharing her own history of abuse and assault. Which makes her most recent film project all the more incongruous...or perhaps not. Wood stars in a new film out today called Allure.

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New Westworld Season Two Photos Provide All-New Speculation Fodder

Westworld returns to HBO for its second season in April, and after that awesome Super Bowl ad, we're now starting to get all sorts of new images to salivate and speculate over thanks to Entertainment Weekly.

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Things We Saw Today: Kelly Marie Tran & Evan Rachel Wood Play #MeToo Guess Who, the Least Fun Game Ever

Is it Bill O'Reilly? Louis C.K.? Casey Affleck? The stories of gross men abusing power are all so reminiscent of one another, it can be hard to tell.

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“I Was Not Fine & I Am Not Fine”: Evan Rachel Wood Opens Up About Her History of Abuse in Support of the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights

"The aftermath of rape is a huge part of the conversation that needs much more attention, and in this case, I can speak from my own experiences. So often we think of these assaults as no more than a few minutes of awfulness, But these scars last a lifetime."

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Women Will Rule Westworld Season 2, and Other “Worlds” Will Be Explored

Westworld is one of my favorite shows that debuted last year, making the long wait for a second season damn near excruciating. However, as showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy continue to make appearances, we're getting more and more information to piece together that paint a picture of what we can expect.

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Westworld Vs.The Handmaid’s Tale: What They Have In Common, and Who Should Win the Emmy

#TeamSciFi Vs. #TeamDystopia

After the Emmy Nominations were announced earlier this morning, I posted this status on my Facebook page: "If Westworld doesn't win every Emmy it was nominated for, I quit." A friend of mine posted "Girl, it's up against The Handmaid's Tale in some cases. Nope." And so, a conflict was born.

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Things We Saw Today: Westworld‘s Evan Rachel Wood the Latest Celeb to Support #Ham4All

In addition to raising money for a great cause, one of the best things about the #Ham4All challenge is listening to a variety of voices sing music from Hamilton. This time, it's Westworld's Evan Rachel Wood doing her best Angelica Schuyler while singing a bit from "Satisfied."

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Westworld at PaleyFest 2017: Laughter Abounds As Cast and Creatives Discuss the Show’s Complexities

"Westworld is going to be part of the solution, not part of the problem." - Thandie Newton

While the brilliant ladies and showrunners of Westworld were whisked off the red carpet almost as quickly as they had come, there was plenty of opportunity to hear what they had to say during PaleyFest's Westworld panel, which ended up being one of the most delightful and funny evenings I've had in a long time. Surprising, given the near-complete seriousness of the show itself.

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Evan Rachel Wood’s Gorgeous Golden Globes Suit Proves Dresses “Aren’t a Requirement”

"I love dresses, I’m not trying to protest dresses, but I wanted to make sure that young girls and women knew they aren’t a requirement."

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James Marsden Talks About How Being a Westworld Host Is a Lot Like Being an Actor

James Marsden and Evan Rachel Wood discovered it's not too hard to play a robot when you realize how similar it is to acting.

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Westworld Recap: “Dissonance Theory”

Maddy and Teresa are back for their usual tag-team recap of Westworld. Maddy's the Logan of the pair, who wants to pick holes in every little detail of the show, and Teresa's the William, who's still optimistic.

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Westworld Recap: “The Stray”

Maddy and Teresa have both been watching HBO’s Westworld, which is already shaping up to be about as controversial as its fellow HBO offering Game of Thrones, even just among our own staff. Teresa seems to be the Mulder when it comes to Westworld, while Maddy seems more like the Scully. The two are tag-teaming recaps this season and sharing their different takes on the show.

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Westworld S1 Was Expensive, So Good Thing It Was HBO’s Biggest Premiere In Years

Westworld's premiere on HBO had 3.3 million viewers (including the live airing, HBO Go, and HBO Now numbers), which puts it closer to Game of Thrones territory (which had 4.2 million viewers for its premeiere) than Vinyl territory (the now-cancelled show only had 1.4 million viewers for its pilot). People love them their sci-fi and fantasy, huh? And it's a good thing, too, because that shizz is expensive to make.

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Exclusive: Check Out This Featurette For Female-Led, Post-Apocalyptic Film Into the Forest, Opening Today!

Earlier this week, we introduced you to Into the Forest, a near-future, post-apocalyptic film based on a novel of the same name starring Evan Rachel Wood and Ellen Page. The film is written and directed by Patricia Rozema, with whom I've had the pleasure to speak about the film. Well, this unique, independent, female-led film is out TODAY! To celebrate, we've been given an exclusive featurette on Into the Forest, which you can watch after the jump.

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Interview: Director Patricia Rozema Goes Into the Forest With Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood

With genre blockbusters like Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Ghostbusters, or the upcoming Wonder Woman, it's clear that Hollywood is finally starting to realize that putting women in stuff will make them money. However, it isn't just mainstream Hollywood making challenging, female-led and female-centric genre film. This week, there's an amazing, independent, post-apocalyptic film coming out called Into the Forest, starring Evan Rachel Wood and Ellen Page.

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Evan Rachel Wood Talks Biphobia and Hollywood’s Pay Disparity

In a candid interview with Motto, Evan Rachel Wood discussed working with Ellen Page in Into the Forest, the importance of sharing stories in the LGBT community, biphobia, pay disparity, and representation.

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TIFF Interview: Into the Forest Writer-Director Patricia Rozema Talks the End of the World as We Know It

One of the most surprising and satisfying films at TIFF this year has been a small, intimate film titled Into the Forest. Based on a novel by Jean Hagland, this piece of speculative fiction (not sci-fi) focuses on two sisters, played by Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood, who are left to fend for themselves in their home after the power goes out…and stays out indefinitely.

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HBO Starts Teasing Their Westworld TV Series For 2015

Today the HBO Twitter account posted a mysterious image of a water tower. And hey, The Mary Sue figured out what it all meant!

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Tremors Reboot Breaking Ground, Anthony Hopkins Joins HBO’s Westworld

But HBO, when are you going to tackle the Tremors universe?

Rhe original 1990 Tremors is returning as a remake, and HBO's series adaptation of Westworld has gained two big-name stars.

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