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Things We Saw Today: Westworld Season Two Premieres Tonight and We Have our Conspiracy Theories Ready

Tonight is the premiere of season two of Westworld, a mere sixteen months after its season one finale. Seriously HBO, how dare you make us wait over a year to see what happens to Dolores, Maeve, Teddy, and yeah I guess the humans too. With season one ending with the beginnings of a robot revolution, this new season seems certain to hit the ground running. The cast has been making the press rounds, and in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Evan Rachel Wood warns us that season 2 will have some serious carnage. When asked how her role as Dolores has impacted her life, Wood said:

She gave me so much strength and helped me find a power that I didn’t know I had, and helped me deal with repressed memories and trauma that we all bury to protect ourselves. One of my favorite moments is after she’s been beaten by the Man in Black and she’s crying and she says, “I’m not crying for me, I’m crying for you,” and beats the s— out of him. To me, the whole season was leading up to that moment. For a lot of repressed people to have that image, even as a fantasy, it was very empowering.

(via Entertainment Weekly, image: HBO)

  • Benedict Cumberbatch calls Martin Freeman’s comments on the Sherlock fandom pathetic. Come on guys, you know I hate it when you fight. (via The Telegraph)
  • Is Richard Rider joining the MCU? Kevin Feige talks about bringing Nova to the big screen. (via
  • SyfyWire celebrates Lois Lane with an 80th anniversary pull list of her best moments. I hope they include Lois Lane #13 where she’s got a lead box on her head. (via SyfyWire)
  • Whelp, this video from Anthony Hopkins’ Twitter page will haunt me forever. Thanks a bunch, Hannibal. (via Twitter)
  • SyfyWire is celebrating Earth Day by ranking the Captain Planet characters. Better luck next year, Ma-Ti. (via SyfyWire)

Today in Absurd Literary Descriptions of Women, courtesy of Dr. Fern Riddell’s Twitter:

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