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A Note Written by Einstein on How to Be Happy Just Sold for $1.5 Million Dollars

Albert Einstein was in Japan on a lecture tour in 1922 when he gave a courier a signed note describing his theory of happiness, as he did not have the money for a tip.

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Economists Say You Can’t Become a Genius Until Your Late Thirties

And here you thought you peaked in high school, you unappreciated genius, you.

Good news, stagnant twenty-somethings: economists have created highly reassuring graphs that demonstrate genius often doesn't strike until you hit your late-thirties. Feel free to print them out and put them on your fridge or use them in place of a resume.

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New iPad App Is Next Best Thing To Touching Einstein’s Brain, Unfortunately Costs Ten Dollars

Who among us hasn't wanted to poke Einstein's brain at some point? It's every nerdy kid's dream, as well as a really good way to get kicked out of some pretty classy archives. Thanks to a new app from the National Museum of Health and Medicine Chicago, anyone with an iPad and some kind of morbid inclinations can gawk at the brain that changed modern phsyics -- and in HD, no less! The catch? It's going to run you a couple of shekels to do so.

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Einstein Archives Online To Display 80,000 Digital Documents, Scientific and Personal Alike

If you have an interest in perusing Albert Einstein's vast body of work, you're in for a treat and will continue to be in for one for the rest of 2012. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem recently announced that it's going to begin the long process of scanning and uploading over 80,000 Einstein-related documents for display on Einstein Archives Online. The documents, from the university’s Einstein Archives and the Einstein Papers Project at Caltec, will be indexed and fully searchable by topic as well as similarity.

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Einstein was the Hero of Physics [Video]

Did you know physics didn't work until Einstein came along and jury rigged it? Whether or not that is true (it obviously is), Einstein certainly affected the way we think about physics in such a profound way, that someone who understands physics better than us explains above in under two minutes with cute illustrations. If not for MinutePhysics, I wouldn't know anything about physics.

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CERN Observes Particle Traveling Faster than the Speed of Light, Looking for Independent Verification

According to a report by the Associated Press, researchers at CERN have observed a subatomic particle moving faster than the speed of light. That's right, faster than the speed of light. Like any sane people, these researchers are currently looking for outside sources to verify their results, and with results as mind-boggling as these, who could blame them.

It appears that the actual observation happened several months ago when a neutrino was shot 454 miles from the area around Geneva to Italy and clocked in at 60 nanoseconds over the speed of light. That's not much over, but the margin of error was only 10 nanoseconds, which means this is a statistically significant discovery. After pouring over the results for months, CERN has now turned to the U.S. and Japan to double check their work. Although 50 to 70 nanoseconds over the course of 454 miles might not sound like much, it could actually change the understanding of physics as we know it, or at least as we've known in the past century.

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Captchart: The Art Of Proving You’re Human [Pics]

Whether you're creating a username, posting on a forum, chatting on Omegle, or making an Internet purchase, people want to know your not a robot. And frankly, that's a bit discriminatory against robots. What have they ever done to us?

The humanity-proving device of the now is the Captcha, where you're given two randomly generated words to type in. And they're blurry and gross, because robots can't read things that are blurry and gross. It looks like this: Sometimes the words are random and uninteresting, but sometimes the sudden, random juxtaposition is truly inspiring. And in those moments, great Captchart is formed. Here is a sampling that's fun for the whole family:

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