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Captchart: The Art Of Proving You’re Human [Pics]

Whether you’re creating a username, posting on a forum, chatting on Omegle, or making an Internet purchase, people want to know your not a robot. And frankly, that’s a bit discriminatory against robots. What have they ever done to us?

The humanity-proving device of the now is the Captcha, where you’re given two randomly generated words to type in. And they’re blurry and gross, because robots can’t read things that are blurry and gross. It looks like this:

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Sometimes the words are random and uninteresting, but sometimes the sudden, random juxtaposition is truly inspiring. And in those moments, great Captchart is formed. Some of these artistic interpretations are NSFW, so view them here at your own peril.

But for the kiddies, here is a sampling that’s fun for the whole family:

And if anyone wants to try “adjustors Lewinsky,” send your work our way.

(h/t Urlesque)

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