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Could We Record Our Dreams? [Video]

Man, I hope not. Some of my dreams are not appropriate for a wide audience.

One out of every seven science fiction novels involve the recording or exploring of dreams. Well, no, I just made up that statistic, but that doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of dream-related stories out there, from Inception to Sandman and beyond. We're still a long way off from figuring out if there's a way to view our dreams in our waking life, but as AsapSCIENCE tells us, there's a lot currently being done to make our dream of recording dreams a reality.

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Computers Can Read Your Dreams, Can’t Explain Your Clown Nightmares Just Yet

Machines may be replacing us slowly, one human at a time, but at least we've still got our dignity, right? We've still got our dreams. Well, maybe not! Sure, computers can't take away your waking aspirations but now they are beginning to detect the dreams we have while sleeping. Worse, humans -- neuroscientists, of course -- are teaching them to do it! Even dreamland isn't safe anymore, but wait, maybe some good can still come from this.

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The Science Behind Lucid Dreaming [Video]

Some of you may be able to wake yourself up from a dream right before all those alligators eat you, but you probably know someone who likes to brag about how they can control their dreams. They're lucid dreamers, and probably have much better nap times than the rest of us. This week, AsapSCIENCE is here to not only teach us about lucid dreams, but to teach us how we can practice to become lucid dreamers ourselves. It involves keeping a dream journal, but not necessarily talking to people at coffee shops about it or reading it onstage at an open mic night.

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The Sleep Project Aims to Turn Dreams Into Television

Ever had a dream that you thought would make a totally awesome movie? Most folks are in the same boat. Unfortunately, there's no good way of turning these dreams into reality unless you're someone like Christopher Nolan. You could also, in theory, be someone that knows Christopher Nolan, but I digress. The Sleep Project might be the answer to our prayers. The project is looking to turn the best dreams it can find into a television show.

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Paper Cut-Out Inception In 60 Seconds [Video]

Using paper cut outs and a standard digital camera, Wolfgang Matzl creates this highly truncated version of Inception. Despite the limited time and production, the cartoon still has some of the visual tricks of the source material. The opening, showing an unfolding building, is particularly clever. But my favorite part has to be the deadpan dialogue. "Oh, wait a minute. I still have to finish this job. In my dream." (via Cartoon Brew)

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Printed Book With Thread “Hyperlinks”

German artist Maria Fisher has put out a remarkable work entitled "Traumgedanken" or "thoughts on dreams" that uses the familiar underlining we're so used to seeing on the internet, but made of thread stitched onto the page. The color coded threads tie together key words in the text, presumably creating subtexts within the text itself. There are even pages folded inward so that only the threads, and not the words, are visible. Far from being an attempt to update print media, it's more of a tongue-in-cheek hybrid that seeks to express more about dreams than the text could alone. From Fisher's website:
To ease the access to the elusive topic, the book is designed as a model of a dream about dreaming. Analogue to a dream, where pieces of reality are assembled to build a story, it brings different text excerpts together. They are connected by threads which tie in with certain key words. The threads visualise the confusion and fragileness of dreams.
If only a webpage was this elegant. (Maria Fisher via Gizmodo via Laughing Squid)

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Mom Imagines Baby’s Dreams and Makes Them Adorable Realities

Today in things that make you go "b'awww": Finnish copywriter Adele Enersen has imagined her daughter Mila's dreams when she's sleeping and made them into clever, impossibly cute realities.

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“Dreams Within Dreams Is Too Unstable”: Inception Trailer, STOP BLOWING MY MIND!

Oh Christopher Nolan, why must you tease me so? Each new trailer--exponentially greater--leaves me with my sweat-dotted face smashed against the computer screen, as I pant viciously in dog-like heat. Only about three weeks until I'm groaning loudly (in my head) at a packed theater for Inception. Finally, with this newest tease of The Dark Knight director's upcoming “contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind," we get a good look at the main players and how they fit into the heist puzzle. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his crew explain the notion of stealing into dreams: the so-called "inception." Also, more visuals of the fantastic and explosive set pieces, but also an adorable (yet nevertheless mindbending) moment at the trailer's end between "point man" Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Ariadne (Ellen Page). Check the video in all its membrane-searing glory after the break.

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Gaming Proves To Be Practice For Controlling Your Dreams

Leonardo DiCaprio should have done some serious gaming in preparation for his role in the upcoming dream-infiltration flick Inception. According to a recent study be Jayne Gackenbach, a psychologist at Grant MacEwan University in Canada, people who play video games on a regular basis are more likely to achieve lucidity in dreams. But the gamer can only control as much as he or she could control in an actual game. Gackenbach found that gamers could for the most part only take control of themselves, guiding themselves through a world they had no conscious role in constructing. A later study then found that gamers were also less intimidated by nightmares, and would often fight back against the fear.

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