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The Uncomfortable Is a Collection of Perfectly Infuriating Objects Designed to Annoy You

Architect and designer Katerina Kamprani created The Uncomfortable, a collection of infuriatingly designed everyday objects, as "a twisted sadistic design project"...and boy, oh boy, has she succeeded!

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These Indie Artists Got Tired of Corporate Brands Ripping Them Off, So They Made Their Own Store

Corporate brands have been ripping off indie artists since, well, forever. But it's gotten a lot trickier to get away with it in the post-internet age, especially when indie artists work together to fight back.

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Things We Saw Today: Teen Flips Water Bottle Onto Table, Crowd Goes Wild

Dare you not to smile.

It's fine if you don't get why this video is so good. You can just chalk it up to the youths being the youths.

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Things We Saw Today: Penny Dreadful Season 3 Trailer

Are you excited for the return of Penny Dreadful? Showtime released a trailer for Season 3 today over at their YouTube channel. Enjoy! Penny Dreadful returns May 1st.

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Wear This Superhero Cologne to Cover Up the Stink of Your Manly, Heroic Angst

"My parents are dead, but man do I smell good!"

Sadly, these superhero colognes exist only in the mind and the concept art of web design company Animink. But can any of us really be said to exist? The cosmos is so unthinkably vast that all human experience is only a pinprick within its cavernous emptiness. If we have no effect at all on the darkness around us, can we really claim to be at all? Who are you? Who am I? Who is Batman, and what does he smell like? Rancid sweat with slight undertones of leather and sweat, right? It has to be gross.

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H.R. Giger, Oscar-Winning Alien Designer, Dead at 74

May hosts of xenomorphs sing you to your sleep, old friend.

Whether you know H.R. Giger's name or not, you've definitely been scared by him: the Swiss surrealist who passed away yesterday was best known for his Oscar-winning work on Alien, for which he designed the sets and titular creature.

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New Design May Revolutionize Sharing Armrests With Strangers

And where will we lean then?

Traveling can force a lot of uncomfortable intimacy between strangers, and nowhere is that more apparent than the fraught battleground of armrests--but Hong Kong-based Paperclip Design might have made a slight alteration to the traditional model and ended the Personal Space Wars for good.

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This Combination Briefcase/Barbecue Is Dangerously Classy

George Foreman, you have been usurped.

There's nothing better than barbecuing without being constrained to one's own backyard (I guess.) Thankfully, this $341.14 Mon Oncle portable barbecue set from Spanish design company RS Barcelona gives you the liberty to cook your meat when and were you want.

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BleepBleeps Wants to Use Tech and Design to Make Parenting Easier

One of them checks your sperm count and it's called "Master Bates" and we love these.

As someone who spent most of last night rocking a teething infant, I can tell you: parenting is hard. It will always be hard, but maybe technology and design can make it a little easier. That's the goal of BleepBleeps. They're a line of connected devices built to make parenting go a bit more smoothly.

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The Mary Sue’s Most Looked At Posts of 2013

The Mary Sue

On Tuesday we showed you our most commented on articles of 2013. It was a post full of the most contentious subjects in geekdom today: online and convention harassment, white washing, and, of course, the casting of Wonder Woman in a major movie adaptation. But chatter is only one way to know that a post grabbed a lot of attention. There's also views! So here are our 2013 posts that were seen by the most eyeballs. Your eyeballs.

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The Invisible Bike Helmet, Yet Another Awesome Invention by Ladies

The Future Is Now!

Swedish industrial designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin have created head protection for cyclists that isn't bulky, uncomfortable, or unsightly - in fact, it doesn't even look like it's there at all. Learn more by watching this short documentary or going to their website. (via: Traveling Greener) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Now You Can Have Your Favorite Geek Icons Sculpted Out of Paper

Fans Do Cool Things

Graphic designer Alia Syed makes these elaborate sculptures by gluing down dozens of thin strips of paper in swirls and patterns (a technique called quilling). See more, or even get a custom design, at her Etsy shop.

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Blind 97-Year-Old Artist Makes Gorgeous Images Using MS Paint Better Than We Ever Could

This puts my circle-inside-another-circle to shame.

When Hal Lasko first retired from his long career of typography and graphic design, he wanted to dedicate all his time to personal art projects. So unlike other old people who get roped into learning about computers, when his grandchildren showed him the Windows 95 version of Microsoft Paint, he became pretty enraptured by it. The results are more amazing than anything made with MS Paint has a right to be, but we're not complaining.

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Don’t Break Your Arm, But If You Break Your Arm Get This Sweet 3D Printed Cast

Getting hurt isn't awesome, but this cast is almost awesome enough to make it worth getting hurt.

I'm fortunate enough to never have broken a bone, and part of the reason I'm so glad about that is traditional plaster casts seem torturous. The idea of having my arm or leg encased in heavy plaster is almost as unappealing as the idea of snapping a bone in the first place. Designer Jake Evill has a better solution -- The Cortex. It's a 3D-printed cast, and it's awesome. I'm not saying I want to break a bone now, but I kind of want to break a bone now.

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Redditor Crafts the Portal-Themed Bedroom of Any Test Subject’s Dreams

For monster

Or maybe nightmares... what else would you dream about while trapped in Aperture Science?

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A Brief History of Tumblr Layout Changes and Why I’ve Hated All of Them

But let's be real, I'm never actually going to leave.

Tumblr and I have been through a lot together. I first got mine about four years ago, back when Tumblarity was still a thing and people actually respected David Karp as a person, and I’ve hated it and loved it in equal amounts ever since. At this point I’ve started to experience something not unlike highway amnesia when it comes to the now ubiquitous blogging platform — I’ll open Google Chrome while trying to show my roommate a Youtube video on, you know, Youtube, and all of a sudden I’ll find myself three pages deep into my dashboard with no idea what just happened. But the more time I spend on the website, the more I tell myself that I really need to give it up and find some new social media hangout, because the sheer amount of changes they’ve made to the site and the way that they’ve handled every single one send me into a mini rage spiral every time I think about them. I can feel my teeth grinding right now, guys.

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Doctor Who, a Part of This Balanced Breakfast

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but in nine hundred years of time and space the Doctor's never met a meal that wasn't important before. Phil Postma is the mind behind these Doctor Who breakfast cereals, and I'm guessing there's at least one in here that you'd eat no matter how much sugar was in each serving.

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Nerd Baby Nurseries, Our Secret Weakness

Things to Do With Your Kids

Look at that! Plush strawberries to go with a Firefly themed nursery set! For somebody who is extremely uncomfortable around little kids, I sure like looking at pictures of nerdy baby nurseries. Then again, I also have a Batman lamp from Kids Pottery barn above my bed, so there's that.

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This Rocking Chair Will Knit a Nice, Warm Hat For You While You Chill [VIDEO]

In Which We Make A Terrible Pun

ECAL Low-Tech Factory/Rocking-Knit from ECAL on Vimeo.

This rocking chair, designed by University of Art and Design Lausanne students Damien Ludi and Colin Peillex, will knit a hat for you. A beanie, specifically. The rocking motion of the chair activates a knitting mechanism at the top, which uses gears to... look, the design specifics aren't that important here. Just watch the video. It's mesmerizing. (via: designboom) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Apple Paid a Cool $21 Million to License the Clock Design They Stole

As some might recall, part of Apple's move to iOS 6 included a new clock design. Unfortunately for them, this clock design was suspiciously similar to the one used by Swiss national rail company SBB. They knew it, and SBB knew it. Everyone that even so much as glanced at the two designs knew it. So, like usual, Apple settled with SBB for an undisclosed sum in order to license the design. How much is a clock design worth? Well, when you're licensing it after the fact, it looks like a clock design is worth around $21 million.

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