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“NOBODY BELIEVES YOU” Is Trending Because IKEA Hit Too Close to Home With Their Bisexual Loveseat

I just wanna sit in an odd position in peace, IKEA, damn!

Ikea pride couch selection

UPDATE: A previous version of this article named Brian Lanigan as the designer of the bisexual couch. The designer is actually Charlotte Carbone with Brian being the inspiration behind the design.

With Pride Month comes the understanding of there being a wave of merchandise released that’s full of rainbows, plenty of PRIDE, and Nickelodeon GAK hands reminding you of the bisexual struggle.

Hi. Welcome to IKEA.

A few things before I legitimately try and make room for that adorable transgender cloud couch in my office because it is REALLY cute. First and foremost, when I think of companies trying to get my pink, purple, and blue dollars, I expect T-shirts and multicolored snacks (or plain white snacks if you’re Skittles). Never in my mind did I think someone would run an entire furniture campaign designed around the colors of different queer flags.

According to IKEA’s website, “There’s more to Pride than a rainbow. That’s why we created Love Seats – a collection of IKEA loveseats inspired by the Pride flags of different 2SLGBTQ+ identities. Designed and created by artists active in the 2SLGBTQ+ community, the loveseats are a platform to celebrate identity and share stories of love.”

I think it’s neat that IKEA worked with queer people to create these loveseats and the website shares everyone’s stories via text or video. That being said, I (and Twitter) couldn’t help but notice one particular design.

My initial question when seeing the couch was wondering why it was the only one that had a message written on it at all—and why it had to be one that spoke directly to my “don’t forget the and” aesthetic as a disaster bi. Then again, if I were to make “on the nose” bisexual pillows I’d make it so you could only see the lettering in the dark, because we’re invisible to everyone in the light of day.

Don’t let me design things.

As for the hands, well, I said a silent prayer to my cats who would most definitely try and figure out how to lay on the arms of the loveseat.

What are those hands made out of?

Are they resistant to cat claws?

To be fair, the one who inspired the look of the couch came out to explain the meaning behind it and is even aware of it being a “Don’t Dead Open Inside” moment because of the pillows. “Don’t Dead Open Inside” refers to sign campaigns that line up the words in a way that can easily be misread. Currently, we’re in the age of SASA LELE because of two sale signs that lined up in a way that, when read across, reads Sasa Lele.

Brian Lanigan’s story is what inspired the look of the couch with designer, Charlotte Carbone, bringing it to life. Brian goes on to say, “I’m a spoken word poet and the hands are meant to represent the audience reaction, especially those of other bisexual folks who would approach me after performances and share their story with me,” before including a link to the poem in question.

I’d like to think that Brian is looking at that 2015 video and saying, “Damn. It’s a whole ass couch now.”

Honestly, the entire collection is a range of “wow that’s actually cute I would buy that” to “this is one of those red carpet events where someone shows up in actual, handpicked flowers, and they hired beekeepers to release a couple of bees to create the perfect ambiance.” There really is no in-between, here.

I kinda love it. I’m bisexual, I might as well have eye-catching furniture to go along with my inability to sit properly.

I’ve already shared my thoughts on the bisexual loveseat, it’s only fair that I delve into the rest!

  • 2SPIRIT FLAG LOVESEAT: I actually really like this one and think the rainbow goes well against the black couch. The feathers are a nice touch but as a cat owner? That feature is destined to be destroyed.
  • ASEXUAL FLAG LOVESEAT: Another design that would be destroyed by my cats even if I very much want the ability to sit and feel like I’m wearing a ruffled dress at all times.
  • TRANSGENDER FLAG LOVESEAT (1): As someone who likes accent chairs that have cute designs on them, I feel like I would put this in a plain colored room so it could stand out. The only downside is that it is such a light color that I’m sure to spill something on it eventually.
  • LESBIAN FLAG LOVESEAT: I have a sudden urge for sherbert. Honestly, I really dig this one. Again, it speaks to my love of accent chairs. I’d make room for it in my office somehow and change my purple walls to a more complimentary color
  • PROGRESS FLAG LOVESEAT: Nope. Hard pass. My cats? Have already turned it into a bed. Those flowers are gonna get eaten, picked apart, just … I know everyone’s commenting on the bi couch but THIS would be a nightmare in my house.
  • PANSEXUAL FLAG LOVESEAT: There’s something about the fabric of this one. If you look close at the picture on the website it looks like it’s patched together? I can’t decide if I like that or not.
  • TRANSGENDER FLAG LOVESEAT (2): This one. I want this one. I want a cloud-covered loveseat that looks like a dream. This looks like it’s from the Hello Kitty Animal Crossing collection and I want it. Yes, my cats will attack the clouds, I just … I mean … I WANT IT THOUGH!
  • NONBINARY FLAG LOVESEAT: I know the straps are a design choice but I keep thinking I need to clip them off like they just got off the moving truck and the furniture was strapped in place.
  • GENDERFLUID FLAG LOVESEAT: This looks like an art museum piece and I kinda love it.

Happy Pride, everyone! I’m gonna try and talk my wife into a new blue, pink, and white fluffy cloud couch!

(Image: IKEA)

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