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If You Think Your Dell Laptop Smells Like Cat Pee, You Might Not Be Alone

Maybe you should stop watching all those cat videos. It's starting to affect your laptop.

Over the past couple of months, a number of people who've purchased a Dell Latitude 6430u have noticed something unusual about their new computers. Namely, that they seem to emit an unbearably awful stench -- as if "assembled near a tomcat's litter box," as one user on the Dell hardware support message board put it. And you thought your noisy laptop fan was bad.

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Dell Dude Actor Thinks Dell Dude Resurrection Could Save the Company

PC purveyor Dell has definitely seen better days. The company's dropped to third in global PC sales, is in talks to go private, and generally isn't in the same position it was a decade ago. Their troubles are many, but there's at least one man that believes there's a simple solution that could put Dell back on top. Ben Curtis, better known as the "Dude, you're getting a Dell" guy, thinks all Dell needs to do is bring back Steven the Dell Dude and everything would work out.

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Is Dell’s New Laptop a MacBook Pro Clone?

Yesterday, Dell announced the XPS15z, which it touts as the "thinnest 15-inch PC on the planet," bringing "performance, style, battery life and craftsmanship together in a sleek package less than one inch thin." But at least a few observers have wondered if the $999 laptop is cribbing some of that style from a certain other grey 15-inch laptop.

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Dell to Ship Servers in Packaging Grown From Mushrooms

At the Fortune Brainstorm Green conference yesterday, Dell unveiled a new type of protective packaging, grown from mushrooms. That's right, said packaging is grown, and from mushrooms at that. After building the molds, Dell fills them with cotton hulls (waste created by the cotton gin), injects the molds with mushroom spawn that feeds off the carbohydrates and sugars in the cotton husks, sustaining the spawn until it grows to fill the mold. The sample shown has about the same durability and weight of styrofoam packaging. The point of such packaging is that only recycled energy is required to power the manufacturing process, thus reducing overall energy requirements. Dell will be starting a trial program to test the viability of their fungus packaging.

(Dell via Fortune Tech via Engadget)

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Dell Executive Says iPad Will Fail in the Business World

Dude: Dell's global head of marketing Andy Lark has Apple fans in a furor over his recent dismissive remarks about Apple's future in the tablet market that it more or less created. Lark, speaking to "Apple is great if you’ve got a lot of money and live on an island. It’s not so great if you have to exist in a diverse, open, connected enterprise; simple things become quite complex." Per Lark, Dell is the company that is poised to win the enterprise market in the long run because "the majority of [Dell's] business isn’t in the consumer space." Apple fans might laugh this away, but it's plausible enough:

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Dell Marketers Arrested For Fake Hostage Crisis

Way up there with shouting "fire!" in a theater is what two Dell marketing employees decided to do: take an office hostage to promote the release of a new product. From a local report:

A person dressed as a biker in all black with a black mask was on the sales floor of Building 1carrying two metallic objects and telling people to "go to the lobby," according to Round Rock Police.
Of course, the two forward-thinking marketing geniuses behind the stunt didn't tell anyone about their plan. Someone, rightly panicked, called the cops and one thing lead to another. The two men behind the stunt were arrested, and, thankfully, none of the 400 employees were hurt in th confusion. But what caused this blunder? A revolutionary innovation that demands the attention of America?
The spokesman would not say what the new product was but a source inside dell says it was for the new Dell Streak tablet which can interface with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. Police say it's a miracle none of the 400 people in the building were hurt.
All that for a weird, fringe tie-in? That's like sinking the Lucitania to demonstrate the water resistant staining on the shuffleboard court. Smarten up, marketers. (KXAN via MSNBC via TechDirt)

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Dell x Google Chrome OS to Happen?

There are some inevitable pairings, like Brad x Angelina ("Brangelina"), Jack x Kate ("Jate"), or Naruto x Hinata ("NaruHina"). Add this to the list: Reuters reports that Dell is in talks with Google about including the new Chrome operating system on their laptops. As I see it, "Dhrome" (I'm hoping this nickname will get picked up; remember, you heard it here first) is more than likely to occur, as Google hopes to find a leg up against Microsoft and Dell looks for a new angle to trump the new Apple computers. Reports of Dell considering Chrome extend to last year, when the OS was reportedly tested on a Netbook via USB.

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Dell Streak Is Real, Coming to US in the Summer

Dell's confirmation that the Dell Streak tablet is for real and coming this summer will be no great shocker if you've been following the many, many 'leaks' online or even listening to Michael Dell say as much himself.

Nevertheless, Dell has dropped word of the 5-inch Android-based tablet's coming release this morning, and while there are still a few details out of the picture -- we don't know how much it'll cost, a precise release date, or whether or not it'll get its rumored 7- and 10-inch counterparts -- there are a few nice confirmations in the mix.

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This Week in Things That Aren’t iPads: Nook “Lite” and Nook 2, Dell “Streak” Tablet?

It may interest you to know that Apple has competition in the tablet market, much in the same way that the Kindle has competition in the ereader market, much in the same way that sharks have remoras. Barnes & Noble has announced a number of updates concerning its ereader the Nook, and Engadget has gotten a hold of some leaked pictures and internal Dell announcement of a tablet computer called the Streak, in 7 and 10 inch sizes.

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