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Dell Dude Actor Thinks Dell Dude Resurrection Could Save the Company

PC purveyor Dell has definitely seen better days. The company’s dropped to third in global PC sales, is in talks to go private, and generally isn’t in the same position it was a decade ago. Their troubles are many, but there’s at least one man that believes there’s a simple solution that could put Dell back on top. Ben Curtis, better known as the “Dude, you’re getting a Dell” guy, thinks all Dell needs to do is bring back Steven the Dell Dude and everything would work out.

Curtis is obviously biased, but it’s hard to argue that the series of marketing initiatives featuring Steven the Dell Dude wasn’t successful. Though Curtis was let go in 2003 after he was nabbed in New York whilst trying to purchase marijuana, there doesn’t appear to be any hard feelings. In an email to Bloomberg, he seems convinced that the Dell Dude could save it all:

I think they’re making a huge mistake and simply need to bring back the Dell Dude! That’s it. That’s all they need to do. If they brought me back, their sales, stock and media presence would skyrocket. That is by FAR the smartest move they could make.

It’s not exactly surprising that this is how he’d feel about it. That being said, we’d be more than happy to see Steven the Dell Dude revisited. It’d be nice for Dell to, you know, improve as well, but we’re realists. If it’s a choice between real change and a shift in marketing, it stands to reason that the computer company would go with a shift in marketing.

(via Bloomberg, image via Wooly Matt)

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