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Season 9 of Doctor Who May Explain Capaldi’s “Day of the Doctor” Cameo

The More You Know!

Speaking to Blastr at Comic-Con, Peter Capaldi gave some characteristically cryptic details on what fans can expect for Doctor Who Series 9.

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Relive “The Day of the Doctor” in Charming LEGO Stop Motion

I wouldn't mind some LEGO for my 50th birthday, either.

A sonic screwdriver probably would be handy for getting stuck together LEGO bricks to come apart. For more Doctor Who in LEGO form, go vote on some Doctor Who sets on LEGO Ideas.

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Apparently Steven Moffat Is a Total Liar and We’re Getting a Ridiculously Awesome Cameo in Day of the Doctor

Seriously, though. Spoilers. Like, HUGE ones.

We're going to count this one as a spoiler because not only is there no confirmation from a verified source at the BBC yet, but when we heard it, we were kinda bummed that we weren't going to get to be surprised by it during the episode. So yeah, click at your own risk, though you can probably guess where we're going by pointing out Moffat's lies.

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Still More Doctor Who Clips Released, This Time with Some Added Tenth Doctor [Video]

Are they even going to have any footage left for the actual episode?

Remember when all we got of the upcoming Day of the Doctor were still pictures and frustratingly vague trailers? Now it seems like we can't stop the BBC producers from leaking new clips and trailers. Jeez, guys. Save some for Saturday. Wait, just kidding, don't.

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Watch A Feztastic Clip From The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special!

Feztastic is a word now. Feztastic is cool.

We're less than a week away from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, "The Day of the Doctor," but you don't have to wait that long to witness the glory of Matt Smith re-donning his fez! The BBC has released a special preview clip for Children in Need, and it's wonderful.

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The First Day of the Doctor Video Clip is Only Thirteen Seconds, But We’ll Take It! [Video]

We find it impossible that Clara has not learned that saying "that's not possible" is a waste of breath.

The BBC has us pegged. We'll pretty much latch onto any news about The Day of the Doctor, and this taunting 13 second clip leaves us with a ton of questions. Will we finally find out what's up with the Doctor and Queen Elizabeth? How is Clara still shocked by things? Who is that wearing Tom Baker's scarf? WHY ONLY 13 SECONDS?

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Create a Video of Yourself in the Doctor Who Opening Titles on Facebook

This is probably the closest your face will ever get to Matt Smith's face. Enjoy.

BBC now has a Facebook app that will help you rally your companions together for your Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebration. All you have to do is head over to the app on Facebook, and you can have it insert a picture of you into video of the Doctor Who opening titles for a web-based invitation to celebrate the anniversary.

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[UPDATED] “Day of the Doctor” Simulcast Cinema Ticketing Through Fandango Delayed, BBC America Working on Problem

The fans who waited will have to wait a little longer.

Ticketing for the simulcast cinema screenings of "Day of the Doctor," as well as the November 25th, screenings in the US was scheduled to being today at 9:00AM EDT. However, it seems that theaters that are doing their ticketing through Fandango only have the November 25th show time available but not the simulcast on November 23.

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Cinema Screening Locations Announced

Tickets go on sale tomorrow. Is this how time normally passes? Really slowly and in the right order?

A few days ago, we reported that "Day of the Doctor" would be shown in movie theaters in 8 countries including the USA. At the time, no specific locations were available, but now it's been announced that more than 300 theaters in the US will show the 75 minute special, and you can buy tickets tomorrow, October 25. Brilliant.

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David Tennant and Matt Smith Can’t Get Enough of Working on Doctor Who Together

Your fanfiction dreams have come true.

David Tennant and Matt Smith had such good chemistry on the set of "Day of the Doctor" that they quickly became inseparable. Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat said in an interview with Radio Times that the two got along like old friends.

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special “Day of the Doctor” Will Be in Movie Theaters in the USA in 3D

Well? Isn't anyone going to ask, "What is it with the glasses?"

Rejoice, the fans who waited! Your prayers have been answered. You were praying that the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special "Day of the Doctor" would be shown in US movie theaters, right? We sure were.

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Poster Revealed, Prominently Features John Hurt

I still can't help but hope he's here to fit the Doctor with a new magic wand. Or another screwdriver. Whichever.

In all the uproar over upcoming 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi, we might have overlooked that the Doctor Who 50th anniversary is still on its way. This newly released poster for "The Day of the Doctor" should put us right on track. I mean, look at it. Against my better judgement, I am pretty dang excited.

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