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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Poster Revealed, Prominently Features John Hurt

I still can't help but hope he's here to fit the Doctor with a new magic wand. Or another screwdriver. Whichever.

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In all the uproar over upcoming 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi, we might have overlooked that the Doctor Who 50th anniversary is still on its way. This newly released poster for “The Day of the Doctor” should put us right on track. I mean, look at it. Against my better judgement, I am pretty dang excited.

In addition to current doctor Matt Smith, the episode will also feature David Tennant, Billie Piper (!!), and John Hurt as the mysterious Doctor-who-must-not-be-named from last season’s finale episode. It seems like the theories that he has something to do with the Last Great Time War  might be panning out here, as he’s shown emerging from fire flanked by a couple of daleks. There’s also a Bad Wolf poster in there too, though, so the background might just be for dramatic effect and could have nothing to do with Hurt’s role. Personally I’m holding out for (spoiler alert!) a Valeyard reveal, but that’s just me.

The episode drops on November 23rd and, in addition to the UK, will be simulcast in 200 different countries. For U.S. viewers, that means we’re probably going to have to tune in on Saturday afternoon (or Saturday morning for PST) to watch it on BBC America. Totally worth it, of course.

Just for good measure, let’s all watch that video of David and Matt chatting it up in an interview and get excited for November all over again.

(LA Times via Geeks are Sexy, image via BBC)

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