Daniel Craig as Detective Benoit Blanc in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

The First Look at Daniel Craig in ‘Knives Out 3’ Is … So Hot

Rian Johnson kicked off filming of Knives Out 3, titled Wake Up Dead Man, with a first look picture at Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc. And I just have one very profound thought about this picture: HOT!

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Johnson took to X to post an image about the first day of filming on the new movie, writing, “Aaaaand we’re off! Today is day 1 of shooting on the next Benoit Blanc mystery Wake Up Dead Man – see you on the other side.” The image was of Daniel Craig in black and white dressed up like Benoit Blanc, our favorite detective.

The thing is: This is definitely a new look for Blanc. Craig’s mystery-solving southern gentleman loves fitted pants and nice tops, and in the first Knives Out film, we saw his fall aesthetic. But the new image shows a longer haired Blanc in a three-piece suit and oh no … I love him.

Craig, who became a household name when he took over the role of James Bond in a series of films for the MI6 agent, is no stranger to a good suit. But Blanc is a little more adventurous in his outfit choices. He is, however, a clean-cut gentleman and someone who doesn’t typically have long hair, so to see Benoit Blanc debut a new suit/hat/hair combo all in one image has me thinking.

In Glass Onion, he was going through a lot. He was trapped in his home like the rest of us because of the pandemic, and then he went to deal with the “Disruptors.” Seeing how just evil they were really broke a part of him, and maybe this new look is his way of starting a new chapter in his life, but it is very fun to think about.

A new Blanc and a new case

Benoit Blanc has, so far, dressed for the occasion of whatever case he is on. Going to a house in New England in the fall meant warm coats, cozy suits, and a shorter hair cut. Glass Onion didn’t change his hair much, but his outfits were definitely a “Blanc in his summer era” vibe. He wore bright colors, ascots, and was just simply someone who loved a fashion moment while on Miles Bron’s island.

So this three-piece suit and longer hair is exciting because we can maybe start to think about the why of it all. What kind of case would allow him to wear a suit of this calibre? Is he just trying to be more polished? Or is there a hint there?

The hair is what is really stumping me because why is his hair so long all of a sudden? Is this just Benoit Blanc having a more modern look? Only time will tell, but I will say that this is very much a hot new image from the film, and I cannot wait to see what the entire vibe of Wake Up Dead Man is going to bring us! I am sure it is going to be beautiful.

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