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The 10 Cutest, Cuddliest, Overall Greatest Cat Squishmallows

We’re living in a golden age for plushies. The Millennial and later Gen Z refusal to give up on enjoying things just because we’ve reached some arbitrary stage of “too old”, combined with the pandemic fuelled desire to surround ourselves with soft things, has led to some truly innovative steps being made in the stuffed friend industry. Now if you’re a cat person like me then obviously cat plushies are your go-to choice for fluffy friends that won’t mind if you squeeze them just as hard as your cute-aggression desires. And if you want unbelievable pillowy softness, Squishmallows are the number one (some would say only) choice. So I’ve made this list to help you (and any stuffed animal-challenged loved ones looking to buy you a gift) out on narrowing down the newest addition to your collection.

But what are Squishmallows anyway? If you’ve been living under a rock, or just don’t care about plushies (no judgment) and don’t have any small humans in your life to make you care, then you may have missed the cutest, softest toys around. (I’m not at all biased, I say, as I write this list from my Squishmallow-filled nest, actively scheming to acquire more.) Squishmallows are an incredibly wide range of plush toys, featuring everything from sentient Boba drinks to Bigfoot, with adorable little faces and backstories to match.

Made from the softest fabric and even softer stuffing, Squishmallows come in every size imaginable from the tiny, pocket-sized 3.5 inches to the pillow-sized 20. Whether you’re looking for a comforting little friend to carry around in your pocket or something the size of your torso to hug, they’ve got you covered. So without any further ado here are the best cat Squishmallows (just in time for Valentine’s Day).

2023 Valentines Collection Corinna (11 inches)

A teal tabby cat squishmallow with a rainbow stomach and a winking face. There's a heart on her stomach.

Normal versions of Corinna the teal tabby cat have a plain white tummy and stripey blue ears, but the new 2023 Valentines collection Corinna has extra fluffy rainbow fur there as well as a holographic heart just to hammer home that she is in fact a Valentines cat. There have been a few new versions of existing Squishmallows lately that have had fluffy rainbow fur and sparkles added to their design, and while Corinna is always cute the rainbow fluff just makes her even cuter. According to her bio, Corinna is an imaginative homebody who loves to cloud-gaze and make up magical adventures with her best friend Priya, a red panda. At 11 inches she’s a good cuddle size but won’t take up too much room if you’re pressed for space. Also, the extra fluffy fur is a great texture to stroke and fiddle with if you’re someone who likes to stim or fidget.

2022 Halloween Collection Calio

A black cat inside a pumpkin squishmallow.

She’s a little black cat in a pumpkin! At 3.5 inches tall for unbearable cuteness she also comes with a little clip to attach to her things so you can take her everywhere (there are some larger versions available as well if you want something larger to cuddle). Even though she’s from the Halloween before last she’s still available, and for very good reason! Just look at that little face peaking out of her pumpkin. An avid trick-or-treater, she can’t wait to get out and get herself some chocolate but hates sour candy, so she’ll just trade that with her best friend Riba, a sentient Jack O’Lantern! Oh, and she also comes in a witch costume version too, which is almost but not quite as cute as the pumpkin.


A calico cat Squishmallow with happy closed eyes

You can’t have a roundup of the best cat Squishmallows and not include Cam. The very first Squishmallow and company mascot Cam, a black, white and brown calico, is adorable and iconic. Though included in this year’s Valentine’s Day collection, with a little heart embroidered on his tummy, many other versions, including (my favourite) classic Cam, are also still available. His bio describes him as a beach and nap-loving skateboarder who likes jumping in boxes and building forts with his friends, as well as an aspiring sailor who wants to sail all around the world. Cam comes in pretty much every size, from pocket to pillow, so there’s someone for everyone.

Winter Squad Camette (12 inches)

A grey, white and pink calico Squishmallow wearing a brown scarf

Another Calico, with grey and pink markings in place of brown and white, Camette is part of the Winter Squad. Available only in 12 inches she’s part of the Winter Squad and had a cute little scarf wrapped around her neck. According to her bio, she’s the pianist in her school choir and just wants to spread the joy of music and holiday cheer to everyone, and loves it when her friends sing along.

Caylee the Caticorn 7.5 inches

A black and rainbow caticorn Squishmallow

I don’t know who decided caticorns were a thing but it was a good decision. Caylee is a black and rainbow caticorn, a cat with a unicorn horn, only available in 7.5 inches. Her color scheme is meant to reflect the fact that she’s a Gemini and therefore has two sides to her, dark and mysterious yet bright and sunny. She likes reading horoscopes—naturally—and drinking overly sweet mochas with her friends.


A purple tie die cat Squishmallow

A purple tie-die cat available in most sizes, Eloise is apparently a fashion designer and model with “impeccable taste.” Something about her looks extra soft—I think it’s the color scheme—and she seems sweet and friendly. Plus she likes crafting as well as fashion so if that’s something your giftee happens to like, she’s a good thematic choice. Eloise comes in a range, though not quite the full set, of sizes.

Cienna the Caticorn

A purple caticorn Squishmallow with a rainbow stomach and metallic purple horn

Another Caticorn and just look at her adorable little face. Cienna is purple with rainbow details and a metallic purple horn along with the happy-cat squint that makes her and Cam extra cute. A sticker collector and a daydreamer she loves thunderstorms and taking pictures of them, as well as the rainbows that come after. Luckily she’s available in every size too, so no matter what your budget or space requirements, she’ll fit right in.

2023 Valentine’s Collection Bobbix

A pink cat Squishmallow drinking green boba tea

A pink tabby cat drinking some green boba tea, Bobbix is so new I can’t find her (his? their?) bio online yet. Mysterious! And so so cute. Gigi the cat is also available drinking boba in the same design, so if you like Bobbix’ design but you’re a Gigi fan you can scoop her up too. Bobbix is available in a perfectly huggable 8 inches.

Tiffany “I Meow You”

A white, purple and pink calico cat Squishmallow holding a pink heart saying "I meow you"

Tiffany is a regular part of the Valentines Squad and unusually this 8-inch version of her features open eyes and has her pink and purple patches reversed. She’s also holding out a love heart with the words “I meow you” written on it. Her favorite Valentine’s day drink is chocolate milk with red heart sprinkles and apparently, she’s looking for a doubles partner to play tennis with—so if you have a crush on a tennis player, getting Tiffany for them could be a good opening.

Cali the Caticorn

A rainbow tie dye caticorn Squishmallow

Not only does Cali come in a delightfully psychedelic rainbow tie dye with the happy squinty cat eyes her backstory gives her insomnia! The idea of this sleepy little kitty-corn, who apparently writes poetry when she can’t sleep and likes to share them with her napping buddy Paulita is just too cute. Plus she’s available in every size, even the tiny 2 inches, which is absurdly cute. She’s also got a Valentines design out there with little hearts on her tummy, just for added cuteness.

Honestly, these were meant to be ranked out of ten but I’m ranking them all at ten because I can’t. They’re all adorable, good work guys.

(images: Amazon)

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