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Manage Your Anxiety by Looking at These Celebrities With Cute Pets!

We gotta cope somehow

chris evans

We won’t sugarcoat this: The news is really stressful right now. It’s stressful for you folks reading it and it’s stressful for us over here covering it. There are, of course, ways to manage your anxiety during a pandemic, and we really think you should check them out, but one of the best tools to manage stress is furrier and very accessible: Pets

Dogs, cats, and other pettable pals are truly man’s best friend when it comes to helping your stress level. Petting a furry friend like a dog can actually reduce stress and release happy chemicals like oxytocin into your brain. That’s GREAT for anxiety, blood pressure, you name it. Of course, not everyone has access to a dog or cat, so here are some pictures of them (and hot celebrities holding them) to ease your weary minds and hearts.

Let’s start with our king of good boys: Chris Evans.

Let’s keep up with the Avengers:

Here’s a whole video of Brie Larson playing with Puppies:

And more.

Not a dog, but perhaps BETTER:

But there are other great men of genre with pups out there:

Not only is Hartley Sawyer great on The Flash, but he’s a dog lover who works tirelessly in his free time to rescue pit bulls in LA!

Elsewhere in the Arrowverse, Caity Lotz loves her sweet boy Beezlee! (He’s doing well!)


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Please send good energy and prayers for beezlee’s surgery today 💕

A post shared by CAITY LOTZ (@caitylotz) on

Let’s keep it CW.

Another demon hunter, this one a sheriff in the town of Purgatory:

We’ve found someone cuter than Dan Levy.

And hey, I know you cool teens like this nice young lady with the green hair.

Back to the standards, and another well-known rescuer of Pits.

If we’re in the stars, we can’t forget John Boyega.


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This puppy wants to be taken seriously….please try not to call him cute. He is grown. #pacificrimuprising

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This …Well. Sorta works.

Heck, we don’t even need these HUMANS. Look at this sweetie:

If you need further support, please consult fun places like the #DogsOfInstagram tag. Or you can do what I do when I’m feeling really bad and take things up a notch with, of course, YouTube videos of “Goats Screaming like humans.”

Same. goats, same.

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