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Every Little Girl Needs a Special Robot (Water Heater) Friend

It’s way too early for Monday Cute, but who says we can’t indulge in a little mid-week early morning cute to start our day off right? And this, my friends, is not only adorable, it involves a little girl and a robot friend.

In the above video, a little girl named Rayna makes friends with a robot. Stuffy grown-ups might tell you that it is, in fact, a water heater someone is getting rid of, but who listens to stuffy grown-ups anyway.

The point is, this robot was clearly all alone, and big-hearted Rayna came over to make friends. First, by saying hello, then by letting the robot know that she loves it. She probably has robot friends all over the neighborhood, and I can see why. Huge props to her parents for raising a child so kind that she would reach out to someone standing out there all alone and try to be their friend, even if they are a robot/water heater.

I can easily imagine her becoming the kind of kid who reaches out the same way on the playground, or in the school cafeteria, and we could all use more people like that in the world.

(via Nerdist, image via screencap)

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