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Things We Saw Today: Game Of Thrones Star Pedro Pascal Might Star Opposite Matt Damon


Our boy Oberyn's going places: On top of being rumored as Pontius Pilate for that Ben Hur reboot, Pedro Pascal may also be starring opposite Matt Damon in The Great Wall, which is said to be pretty epic.

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Bigfoot and Yeti: Still Not Real, but There Might Be Some Weird Bears in the Himalayas

Harry and the Hendersons is still real though, right?

Last October a geneticist released some early results of tests done on samples of mysterious animal hair collected around the world. Cryptozoologists may have hoped for some definitive proof of the existence of sasquatch, but the final results are in and no such luck. They did however, find something else.

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Geneticist Claims to Have Found the Yeti’s Origin Story

We hope you like salt, because we have huge grains of it to go with this story.

We love a good shaky bigfoot video or yeti sighting as much as the next blog, but generally we don't pay them much attention here on the site. Some yeti news out of the UK has managed to catch our attention though. A geneticist believes he has matched the DNA of a yeti to a very real animal, explaining the creature's origins.

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When Yeti Hunting, the United States Requires You to Have Your Permit Ready

Say you're hiking in the Himalayas and you happen to spot the Abominable Snowman. Whether it's throwing snowballs at you, running away, or just minding its own abominable business, if you don't have a permit to "carry out an expedition" specifically in search of it, you'd better leave it alone. And definitely don't you dare take a shot at it. Wait, you think this is a joke? If it was, the American Embassy in Nepal wasn't cracking a smile in 1957 when it issued a memo that stipulated the rules for Yeti hunting.

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They Might Be Giants Wants to Sell You Famous Cryptid Playing Cards

When the greatest rock band in the world decides to start try and sell us the greatest playing card deck we've seen in quite some time, how are we supposed to resist? We have no idea, which is why we will be purchasing these limited-edition cryptid playing cards from They Might Be Giants post-haste. This is probably a thing you should also do if, you know, you like things that are good.

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Loch Ness Monster Found, Claims Lifelong Loch Ness Monster Hunter and Tour Guide

The Loch Ness Monster has finally, definitely been found. That is, if you believe skipper George Edwards, who handily enough has spent the last several decades searching for the Loch Ness Monster. The boat captain and Nessie expert claims to have photographed everyone’s favorite underwater creature of myth and legend - and this time, it is definitely not a sturgeon. Which is good to know, though “definitely not a sturgeon” doesn’t necessarily translate to “definitely a plesiosaur.”

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