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Joan Zahra Dark (they/them) is a freelance writer, organizer, and interdisciplinary artist. They love talking about queer comics, stories that can only be told through interactive mediums, worker cooperatives and gay robots. They’re based in Queens, NYC.

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Read Article What You Should Know About the BDS Movement and the Companies on Its Boycott List
The logo of the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions movement used by the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC). BDS is in big red letters on the left, with the words, Freedom, Justice and Equality stacked on top of each other on the right. In the center, an illustration representing a Palestinian from behind is holding a set of scales, in the same color of red as the BDS letters.
Read Article Books for Palestine 2023 Fundraiser Auction Is Now Live
The logo for the Palestine auction, with art of a pile of books on the left topped by one with a Palestinian flag design. The words Books for Palestine are centered to the right of the art, overlaid on a photo of a row of books.
Read Article Why Is Instagram Censoring a Palestinian Aid Fundraiser?
A stock photo of a phone on a flat surface, with the Instagram app icon in view on the top left of the phone screen.
Read Article ‘It’s Just a Joyful Book’: Lawrence Lindell’s ‘Blackward’ Centers Joy and Community for Black Queer Punks
The book cover for Lawrence Lindell's Blackward
Read Article ‘The Creator’s Guide to Comics Devices’ Is the First of Its Kind, an Incredible Resource for Comics Creators & Readers Alike
An illustration by Reimena Yee featured on the Comics Devices website, this one focusing on the use of Evocation. From left to right, drawings of food, sipping a beverage with the sound effect "SSiiiiipp~~", a cracking lightning bolt with the sound effect "K-Krack!", nausea with a character inside of a sickly looking background, a shell on the sand and a ball breaking out of a panel are all shown as examples of Evocation.
Read Article Ranking the Best ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Spells NOT in ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’
Scratch the dog in 'Baldur's Gate 3,' edited to have a top hat and monocle
Read Article Scholastic’s Response to Authors and Illustrators on Diverse Book Restrictions Only Raises More Questions
A child with a face mask on reading at a Scholastic book fair, with shelves of books out of focus in the background.
Read Article EXCLUSIVE: Cover Reveal for ‘Becoming Who We Are: Real Stories About Growing Up Trans’
A cropped image of the cover art for Becoming Who We Are from A Wave Blue World, drawn by Hazel Newlevant. Five trans adults are highlighted in sections of the trans pride flag underneath the title text.
Read Article Is It Impossible To Just Have an Honest Conversation About ‘Starfield’?
A playable character in a helmet flying a spacecraft in 'Starfield'.
Read Article Cops Admit They Violated First Amendment Rights Based on Vibes
A photo of a cop car's emergency siren, specifically focused on the blue emergency light currently turned on.