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The First Lady Rapping About Going to College Is Exactly What Your Morning Needs

#FLOTUSbars trending on Twitter / Waitin' for all them 'Pubs to be bitter.

This morning, College Humor released "Go To College," a music video that's trying to motivate more kids to go to college. They were not playing around with this one; they brought on First Lady Michelle Obama to rap a few bars about her own college experience.

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CollegeHumor’s First Feature Film, Coffee Town Only Releasing Through Online Distribution [Video]

The way CollegeHumor is releasing Coffee Town is great, even if Coffee Town isn't.

The upcoming film Coffee Town looks interesting, but more for its distribution model than its content. Coffee Town is CollegeHumor's first venture into the world of feature film, and they're exclusively using digital distribution and social media marketing. It's a risky strategy, but I think it's going to pay off for them.

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No, CollegeHumor, No! Bad CollegeHumor! Do Not Reward Stupidity

Quick recap if you missed it last week: Henry Gribbohm lost his $2,600 life savings at a carnival game trying to win an Xbox. He did not win the Xbox, but he did win a giant banana. CollegeHumor offered to buy the banana off of him if they got 26,000 Facebook likes on their video. They did. CollegeHumor has purchased the banana from Gribbohm, and even gave him an Xbox. Sigh.

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Dear Bananaman, Here’s How Tubs of Fun Works and Why You Didn’t Win

By now everyone should be familiar with the tragic tale of Henry Gribbohm who lost his $2,600 life savings trying to win an Xbox Kinect playing the carnival game Tubs of Fun. A lot of people could be wondering how Gribbohm lost so much money. The answer is simple and two-fold: 1) Gribbohm clearly doesn't know when to quit, and 2) the game is rigged. Here's how.

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The 7 Best Harlem Shake Videos the Internet’s Produced So Far

The Harlem Shake phenomenon is still ongoing. We're only about a week into this thing, and there have already been a number of hilarious takes on the concept. The general idea is to take the first thirty seconds of "Harlem Shake" by Baauer, have one person dancing oddly while everyone else is acting normal, and then cut to the whole room exploding into motion at the first mention of "do the Harlem shake" ends. The end of the video must be a slower speed than the rest. Hit the jump to check out the seven best Harlem Shake videos the Internet's produced so far.

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Aspiring Tech Moguls: Talk in Jargon and You Will Succeed [Humor]

Not everyone can be Mark Zuckerberg and pitch their billion-dollar idea to Peter Thiel, though the scores of imitators are becoming something of an epidemic. Watch as College Humor expertly reduces “startup guys” to a hilarious cultural stereotype, as they try to pitch their multiple companies, most of which were started somewhere between “15 seconds ago” and “20 minutes ago via Twitter.” >>>Video at Mogulite.

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What if Other Directors Helmed The Social Network? [Video]

So, The Social Network released and almost everyone saw it because almost everyone uses Facebook when they should be doing productive things instead. CollegeHumor shows us what everyone's favorite movie about everyone's favorite time killer would be like under the direction of different directors. Would you watch a Michael Bay The Social Network? There'd be explosions.

(CollegeHumor via The Daily What)

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Jersey Shore RPG

Between Jersey Shore RPG and Monday's Undercover Video Game Boss segment featuring Kefka, someone on CollegeHumor's animation team really, really likes the 16-bit Final Fantasy games. And I'm perfectly happy with that. (h/t THD)

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Undercover Video Game Boss

A parody of the BBC television series where an executive goes undercover in their own company to examine how their company actually runs, Undercover Boss, CollegeHumor shows us what happens when video game bosses go undercover as one of their own henchmen, attempting to do the hard work they expect out of their lowly subordinates.

No more water in the water temple indeed. Amen.

(CollegeHumor via The High Definite)

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Facebook Is Like a Needy, Slightly Annoying Cockatoo, but You Can’t Give It Up

Prolific guy-who-draws stuff Caldwell Tanner has drawn a series of animal counterparts to popular websites, complete with information about maintenance (read, the amount of your time they suck up), entertainment value, and other proclivities. YouTube looks sorta like Kratos kitty. (CollegeHumor via TDW | Artist's page)

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