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Wear Your Browncoat Fandom on Your Sleeve (or Dress) With these Firefly Fashions From Living Dead

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The world could always use more geek fashions, and sometimes as popular franchises with current offerings like Star Wars, Doctor Who, or the Hunger Games get all the geek fashion love. Well, Living Dead Clothing has gone back into the geek treasure trove for inspiration with their new Firefly: Big Damn Heroes line, created in conjunction with 20th Century Fox!

I have to say, I have mixed feelings about this collection. I love stuff like the dress above – things that are inspired by something (like Jayne’s hat) without being a direct depiction of it. Or things with images from the show printed on them, like this Blue Sun logo leotard: firefly fashion blue sun And there’s always room for images of Serenity or character shirts:

FIREFLY IS LIVE! #livingdeadclothing #livingdead #deadite #firefly A photo posted by Living Dead Clothing (@livingdead_clothing) on


firefly fashions Mal


What I’m not too crazy about are dresses or leggings with other outfits printed onto them, which makes them look more like children’s costumes than like something someone might actually wear.

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firefly fashions leggings

And I have to say, the Inara-inspired/Chinese-inspired stuff kinda bugs me, mostly because it was something that bugged me about the show. So, Firefly‘s set in a world where Chinese culture is really dominant, but we barely ever see any Chinese people? That’s not appropriative at all!  At least for this clothing line they have an Asian model showcasing the clothes. Yay?

firefly fashions inara robe

firefly fashions sun

Still, I love the show, and I’m glad that there’s a clothing line out there filling this niche. There are definitely some pieces I’d love to own in here. To see more of the collection, including the men’s options, head on over to Fashonably Geek. And tell us in the comments below – what do you think of these fashions, Browncoats?

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