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3-Year-Old Geek Girl Chooses Her Own Clothes, Is a Fashion Icon

Why don't I own any capes? This must be rectified!

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Ok, but do you think she’d let me raid her closet?

Blogger and stay-at-home Dad Simon Ragoonanan is such a fan of his 3-year-old daughter’s nerdy style that he’s decided to stop helping her put together outfits, saying,

Since she’s turned 3, I’ve decided to stop doing that, as I’m trying to raise an independent, empowered girl. I’m kind of sending mixed messages if I decide what she wears every day! So every morning, she chooses herself.

Ragoonanan frequently posts pics of his daughter’s fabulous choices on Instagram, and writes about gender norms, feminism, and being a dad over on his blog, Man vs. Pink:

I want my daughter to be her own girl and then woman, but with such marketing force trying to sell to her and define what they want girls to be, I feel I have to compensate a bit, so I’ve always encouraged her to wear the geeky stuff — as much to show others as well as herself that being ‘girly’ doesn’t have to mean pink and ‘princessy.’

Not surprisingly, Ragoonanan says he’s had a hard time finding female geek characters on children’s merchandise: “Anything with the Batman or Superman symbol we always call Batgirl or Supergirl, even though it’s not intended to be.” Take note, Marvel and DC! Your meager supply is not meeting this incredibly rad 3-year-old’s demands!

(via Fashionably Geek and SheKnows)

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