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You’ll Never Guess What Facebook Is Cracking Down on Now! (It’s Clickbait)

One weird trick will make publishers cry.

The word "clickbait" gets thrown around a lot, and it's frequently used to mean "any story I don't like." True clickbait, though, takes advantage of humanity's natural curiosity to get people who are browsing social networks to click on things they'd otherwise have no interest in by omitting key details and sensationalizing the possibility of what they might be, and Facebook has had enough.

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Meet Downworthy, the Chrome App That Fixes Clickbaity Headlines For The Better

We would say, "it's the best thing ever!" but we're afraid of what it would replace that with.

We might as well just come to terms with the fact that Upworthy-style "You won't believe what happens next!!!" kind of headlines are the wave of the future. I mean, even CNN's doing it now. Best just accept it and move on, right? Or we could filter them out with honest headlines, of course. That's where the new Downworthy app comes in.

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