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Can We Please Talk About Last Night’s Star Trek: Discovery Episode?

Star Trek: Discovery has moved with breakneck speed through the mirror universe, and the latest episode was a lot to handle.

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Star Trek: Discovery Renewed for S2, Because CBS Knows a Hit When It Sees One

Ain't No DISCO Like a Star Trek DISCO, 'Cause a Star Trek DISCO Don't Stop

We'll have plenty more DISCO shirts and bonding between my new favorite Star Trek trio to look forward to (I instantly loved Burnham-Tilly-Tyler forever), because Star Trek: Discovery has been renewed for a second season!

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Star Trek: Discovery’s Female Lead Character Is Named Michael Burnham and I Can’t Stop Thinking About It

Names have power: just ask Rumpelstiltskin. As someone with a longstanding interest in the meaning of names, the first thing that caught my attention while watching Discovery was that the first officer played by Sonequa Martin-Green has a traditionally masculine name. I had to know more.

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If Star Trek: Discovery Gets a Second Season, We Won’t Be Seeing It Until 2019

Well, there's definitely a big ol' bag of mixed opinions going on over last night's Star Trek: Discovery premiere, but one thing's for sure: According to TVLine, Discovery pulled in 9.6 million viewers, which is an amazing debut! Not only that, but CBS All Access had a record number of sign-ups because of the new show. As I said in my piece earlier today, Trek is back!

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Ooohhh, Come Watch the Lovely, DaVinci-Style Opening Title Sequence for Star Trek: Discovery

Ahead of the series premiere tonight, CBS has shared the delicate, atmospheric opening credits for Star Trek: Discovery.

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These Star Trek: Discovery Pics Showcase Diversity…and J.J. Abrams Lens Flares

Star Trek: Discovery is almost upon us, and I couldn't be more excited! Check out new cast photos after the jump!

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CBS Announces Premiere Date for Star Trek: Discovery, But Don’t Expect to Be Able to Binge It

After several delays and lots of uncertainty, we finally have a premiere date for Star Trek: Discovery. We also have a schedule for it. What? You expected that since it's available exclusively on a streaming service that you'd get to binge it all at once? Nope.

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We. Are. So. Here. For. This. Star. Trek. Discovery. Trailer. Let’s Talk About All the Cool New Stuff!

Yesterday was a big day for Trek fans. Not only did we get a first image from the production, but at the CBS Upfront presentation, the network championed their upcoming offering, Star Trek: Discovery, with some pretty big reveals—not the least of which is the first trailer after the jump!

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CBS Tries to Defend Its Lack of Women and POC Because Listening to Criticism Is Just Too Hard, Apparently

Putting the BS in CBS

CBS' new line of pilots features all male leads, all but one of whom are white, and all male showrunners. But they insist they're 'moving in the right direction.'

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Women of Trek Finally Front and Center in First Look at Star Trek: Discovery

While the road to Star Trek: Discovery has been tumultuous to say the least, we're still excited for many reasons. First, because we're Trekkies, and any new Trek is reason for celebration, but also because this particular installment puts not only women, but women of color front and center. I mean, just look at that majesty above. This is the first official image the production has released, the first impression the show wants to make, and it is beautiful.

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Sonequa Martin-Green’s Star Trek: Discovery Character Has a Unique, Intriguing Name

If you're a fan of both Star Trek and The Walking Dead, it's likely that, up until now, you've been wondering how they'd handle Sonequa Martin-Green's character on one to make way for the other. Now that this question has been answered with relation to The Walking Dead, the name and rank of her character on Star Trek: Discovery has been revealed.

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Rainn Wilson to Play Harry Mudd on Star Trek: Discovery in World’s Most Perfect Casting Choice

In Perfect Casting news, it was announced today that Rainn Wilson, whom you may best know as Dwight Schrute from the long-running comedy The Office, has been cast to play the popular Star Trek scoundrel, Harry Mudd. Can his women be far behind? (And will that episode ever be redeemed?)

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Star Trek: Discovery Finds Its New Captain in The OA‘s (and Harry Potter‘s) Jason Isaacs

It all started with an errant tweet. Jason Isaacs tweeted some important Star Trek: Discovery news that he probably shouldn't have.

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Uh Oh. Star Trek: Discovery Just Got Delayed, With No New Premiere Date in Sight

Star Trek: Discovery, the upcoming CBS TV show starring Sonequa Martin-Green of The Walking Dead, was on track to premiere in May of this year. Unfortunately, though, that premiere date has just gotten pushed back... indefinitely. Or, at least, there's no new announced premiere date on the horizon.

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Premiere Date For CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery Pushed Back

It was already a long wait for Star Trek fans when it was announced that Star Trek: Discovery would be premiering in January 2017 on CBS Access. Well, it looks like we'll have to wait a little bit longer.

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Bryan Fuller Delivers On Promise to “Spoiler It Up” About Star Trek: Discovery at TCA Summer Press Tour

Bryan Fuller, currently in the enviable position of showrunning the first new Star Trek series since Enterprise, was true to his word of a couple of days ago when he promised to "spoiler it up" regarding CBS All Access' upcoming Star Trek: Discovery. At the show's TCA Summer Press Tour panel late yesterday afternoon, Fuller gave some substantial details about what fans can expect from the series.

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Bryan Fuller Promises He’ll “Spoiler It Up” This Week After Posting Makeup Test From Star Trek: Discovery

Check it out! Our first glimpse of a makeup test for Star Trek: Discovery, the upcoming Star Trek show Bryan Fuller is showrunning for CBS All Access.

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New Show, New Ship: Star Trek: Discovery is Coming To CBS

Now let's just all agree on the abbreviation for this thing. DSC? ST...D?

While the full panel hasn't been made available yet, a first look at Star Trek: Discovery (the official name of the new show) was provided to panel attendees and then quickly released online under the show's new Twitter account.

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New Star Trek Series Finds Additional Home at Netflix Which Is Great…For Everyone But the US and Canada

We've all been slightly bummed about the exclusivity of the upcoming Bryan Fuller Star Trek series to CBS All Access, many of us not wanting to subscribe to yet another streaming service that may or may not have any other programming we're interested in. While that remains a problem for fans in the US, it seems that fans outside the US and Canada will have a slightly easier time of getting their Trek on.

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Bryan Fuller’s Star Trek May Go Where None Have Gone Before

Take THAT, Standards and Practices!

As someone who has always been fond of Bryan Fuller, the news about the Star Trek adaptation he's bringing to CBS is leaving me beyond excited. From Wonderfalls to Pushing Daisies to Hannibal, I will pick up whatever he's putting down.

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