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White Canary to Have a Lady Love Interest on Legends of Tomorrow

Yes, you have my attention.

Fringe alum Ali Liebert has been cast as Lindsay Carlisle, a "potential love interest" to Sara Lance on the upcoming CW series Legends of Tomorrow.

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SyFy Films’ 400 Days Gets New Trailer, Theatrical Release Date

400 Days, a sci-fi psychological thriller made by SyFy, is actually going to be showing in theaters instead of getting a direct-to-TV release—which leads one to believe this might be worth checking out. The cast is interesting too—we've got Arrow's Caity Lotz, as well as Superman Returns actor Brandon Routh and... Dane Cook?

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Legends of Tomorrow Cast Photo & Caity Lotz’s Character Revealed, Updates on the Titans TV Show

I was really hoping to see some Hawkgirl wings but I'll settle for finally knowing who Arrow's Caity Lotz is playing.

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CW Arrow/Flash Spinoff Legends of Tomorrow Gets Series Order, As If You Had a Doubt

Oh thank god, we can finally stop calling it "Other CW Superhero Show."

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Arrow/Flash Spin-Off To Feature DC Female Hero and Villains Making Their TV Debuts

The DC TV Universe sure is getting crowded...

The creators of Arrow and The Flash, Executive Producers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Marc Guggenheim discussed, among other things, their planned superhero team-up show for The CW, which they'll be producing with Sarah Schechter, and will feature Brandon Routh's Ray Palmer/The Atom and Victor Garber's Dr. Martin Stein (though he's half of Firestorm with Robbie Amell, Amell was not announced as part of the cast).

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Canary, Firestorm, The Atom, and Captain Cold Series in the Works at The CW as Arrow/TheFlash Spinoff



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Arrow‘s Caity Lotz Talks Sara Lance and Media Representation At New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con

One of the more popular panel at last weekend’s Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans was a very laid back, casual chat with Caity Lotz (Arrow/The Machine/Mad Men), where she spent the better part of an hour laughing and answering fan questions about everything from her role on Arrow to women in films to LGBT representation in television and comic books. Did you miss it? That’s ok; I’m here for you. I’m magnanimous like that.

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John Barrowman, Stephen Amell, & Willa Holland Discuss Thea’s Journey & The Women Of Arrow

We spoke with the cast of the show to find out more about the direction of Thea this season and get their thoughts overall on the women of Arrow. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim also chimes in.

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Things We Saw Today: Black Canary is Back in Black

Caity Lotz strikes a pose as Black Canary in some new preview images from Arrow Season 3!

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Arrow Roundup: Romance For Felicity, Big Bads, & Badass Ladies

I wonder if BC's leather jacket has a Twitter account...

We're still a ways off from Arrow Season 3 on The CW, but everyone is already hard at work planning some fantastic superhero stories. Find out what's being said about what and who we can expect to see next time around. Vague spoilers ahead.

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Arrow’s Black Canary, “They’re Not Trying to Make Her Weak,” Plus Another DC Hero Cast For Flash

We Can Be Heroes

If you haven't been watching The CW's Arrow, you've been missing out on some exciting superheroine action. Their Black Canary, Caity Lotz, seems pretty excited about how her character has been portrayed so far. Read on for what she had to say in a recent interview, plus another bit of casting news for The Flash spinoff! 

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The CW’s Arrow Will Host Two Out Of Three Birds of Prey In The Same Episode

Almost Totally Excellent

Guess who's back? 

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Our First Look at Black Canary in Arrow


She's not Dinah "Laurel" Lance, but even without fishnets and with a mask, that's a pretty recognizable Black Canary. MTV says they think she's holding a sword, but I'm not so sure. Could just be a tapering baton. Caity Lotz will be playing a role that the creators have called the "beginning" of their Black Canary story, so I think it's safe to hold on to hopes or expectations that a Dinah will be in the role eventually.

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Updated: Arrow Casts Its Black Canary Despite The Fact That We Thought It Had Two Black Canaries Already

All this has happened before...

In a casting move that caused Arrow fans to tilt their heads and go Bzuh?, the show has chosen a new actress to play Black Canary even though there are already two characters on the show who could be versions of Black Canary because they, y'know, share her backstory. And her name. But now there's a third character in the mix. So. Many. Dinahs.

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