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Am I Going to Get Short-Haired Bucky Barnes Again? Sebastian Stan, Don’t Tease Me!

A new look for Bucky Barnes? A change to the Winter Soldier?

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Sebastian Stan Discusses Bucky’s Future in the Upcoming Falcon & Winter Soldier Series

What does the next chapter hold for Bucky Barnes?

Despite appearing in six MCU films, we still know very little of the man inside the Winter Soldier.

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I Guess I Have to Yell About Bucky Barnes Now. Thanks, Russo Brothers.

Okay well, the Russo brothers are sort of right about the MCU's version of Bucky Barnes, but also very wrong in their delivery.

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Here’s Why Bucky’s Marvel Movie Storyline Works

Bucky Barnes, even when he is fighting to regain his memories, is still extremely different than many of the comic versions of the character.

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Things We Saw Today: Sebastian Stan, the Actor, Exists in the MCU?

I'm still mad that this took me longer than it should have to realize.

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What Does Avengers: Endgame Mean for the Future of Marvel’s Disney+ Shows?

We're excited no matter what.

We at The Mary Sue are excited for many of the Disney+ series that will center on our favorite MCU characters, but where are they heading?

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Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes Is the Most Popular MCU Ship Ever

As we head into Endgame, and no doubt into a radically altered MCU going forward, let's revisit the Steve/Bucky, or Stucky—the ship that launched fifty thousand fanfictions and still reigns supreme.

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The New Winter Soldier Comic Series Is Great, and the TV Show Should Take Note

If you haven't read the series yet, you definitely should, because Kyle Higgins brings to life a Bucky Barnes who will do anything to help those who are trapped by Hydra, even if he doesn't think it will redeem himself.

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Okay but Marvel What If You Let Me Write for Falcon & Winter Soldier?

I'm just saying, you don't have a lot of female screenwriters, Marvel.

Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson having an entire show together? Did I die? Is this Heaven? Can I write on this? Let's go on a journey together.

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The Fourth Issue of Winter Soldier Brings Trouble to Bucky Barnes

I have actively been reviewing the Kyle Higgins comic Winter Soldier because, with each new issue, I find myself falling even more in love with this version of Bucky Barnes.

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Bucky Barnes Is Still Coping in the New Winter Soldier Comic

Okay but I'm obsessed with PJ-wearing Bucky Barnes.

All that Bucky is giving RJ is a way out of the life that Hydra threw him into. 

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Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson as Brooklyn Cops? Well, It Seems Like Disney+ Has the Money for It …

Imagine casually scrolling through the world of Reddit when one user points out that a show about Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson being Brooklyn cops could exist (complete with an absolutely wonderful poster mockup). It is a wonderfully brilliant world and one that I want to now live in.

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Sebastian Stan Compares Carter Baizen to Billy McFarland, and Bucky Barnes Is Dead

Carter Baizen would create the Fyre Festival.

Marvel and the actors who bring our favorite characters to life are continuing to double down on "all your favorites are dead," which ... thanks? Recently, Sebastian Stan has taken to telling us that "Bucky Barnes is dead, happy new year," and that's just plain rude.

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I Know What the Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilson Show Should Be Based On


There's a new show in town, and we still don't know that much about it. Though it has been rumored that we're getting a Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilson show from Marvel, there's nothing confirmed as of this moment. So what do I hope that show turns out to be? Here's my dream scenario.

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Bucky Barnes as a Makeshift Dad for a Child of Hydra? Sign Me Right Up.

Honestly, give me this as a television show right now.

Bucky Barnes with a child? Fighting crime side by side? Yes, please and thank you! The second issue of Winter Soldier features would-be Winter Soldier RJ and his relentless attack on Bucky, which inevitably fails, because he's the Winter Soldier. Did Hydra really think this child could take on James Buchanan Barnes?

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New Winter Soldier Comic Gives Me the Bucky Barnes of My Dreams

Look, I love Bucky Barnes with my whole heart, and I thank the gods for this comic.

Winter Soldier shows Bucky Barnes taking hold of his situation and helping those lost in the grip of Hydra and beyond.

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Tony Stark Should Be in Jail for the Attempted Murder of Bucky Barnes

Like, do the police just let the Avengers try to murder each other or what is going on?

If you stop and think about Captain America: Civil War, everyone should be in jail. Sure, they're superheroes and live by different rules than the average citizen, but let's unpack all their crimes, specifically Tony Stark in that last fight sequence.

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Marvel’s Streaming Series Concepts Are Really Freaking Smart Moves

Even the Wanda and Vision one. Though I still don't like Wendy.

Marvel has been lying in wait for years, or so it seems, to reveal their grand master plan to take over the universe.

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We’re Going to Get a Falcon/Winter Soldier Limited Series


You can hear me screaming throughout the world about a reported limited series starring Sam Wilson (AKA Falcon) and Bucky Barnes (the Winter Soldier himself).

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There’s a Bucky Barnes Figurine With a Disintegrating Arm and I Cried

As if Infinity War wasn't enough now we have to cry about a DOLL

A Bucky Barnes Hot Toy emerges looking identical to Sebastian Stan that starts to disintegrate just like James Buchanan Barnes himself.

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