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Sam and Bucky Are Willing to Fight for the Shield in the Mid-Season Falcon and the Winter Soldier Trailer

I can't wait to see Sam and Bucky just beat the crap out of John Walker.

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+.

So far in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we’ve gotten a glimpse at what Captain America’s shield actually stands for, and it isn’t whatever John Walker is trying to sell the world. As many on Twitter have pointed out: What Steve Rogers represented with the shield is what America wants to be, while John Walker is what America actually is.

In a new trailer for the rest of the season, we get a look at both Sam and Bucky refusing to stand by whatever it is John Walker is trying to do, especially after what happened in “The Whole World is Watching.”

There are a few new scenes in the trailer, like Sam talking outside about the shield, saying, “Shield or no shield, I’m not going to let anybody tell me I can’t fight for it,” after what clearly happened between John Walker and the Flag-Smashers. And honestly, watching the final scene in this trailer has me extremely excited for what’s to come.

Clearly right after what happened with Walker as the shield is still covered in blood, he looks at Sam and Bucky and says, “You don’t want to do this” to them. The problem? Walker literally murdered a man on camera and clearly still thinks he’s somehow not in the wrong.

What’s really fascinating to me about this series is that Walker’s issues are constantly on display over and over again. Whenever he has a problem with something that Sam is saying, he turns to Bucky and asks how Bucky is going to handle this situation. It doesn’t seem like this is any different. John Walker murdered a man in cold blood while being recorded, is still holding a bloody shield, and seems to think he has some kind of higher ground than both Sam and Bucky?

Even worse is that he probably thinks he’s better than them because he’s a super-soldier now, as if … Bucky isn’t also a super-solider and Sam hasn’t taken on super-soldiers himself. So when Bucky says, “Yeah we do,” it just drives home how much Sam and Bucky are actually there for each other and the legacy that Steve left behind.

They may fight, they might hate sharing their emotions, but they are clearly ready to fight for what they both believe in and take on Walker and get the shield back.

I’m extremely excited for the rest of the season. I think the next two episodes have a lot of work to do to start wrapping up some of these storylines (or setting up a second season, maybe?), and this trailer did a good job of getting me thinking about what is to come. We still have Sam training with the shield at home in Louisana, which we’ve seen in trailers, so who knows when that’s coming? I think both Sam and Bucky might have a happy ending together as friends, and I can’t wait.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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