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Bruno Mars Tears the Roof Off of the Grammys With a Stellar Prince Tribute

Last night, Bruno Mars played alongside Morris Day and the Time in a massive tribute to Prince.

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Try Not to Dance in Your Seat Along With Bruno Mars and James Corden in Carpool Karaoke

Thanks to James Corden and his ever-popular Carpool Karaoke segment, I get to relive some of those fangirl feels watching him and Bruno Mars sing along with some of his greatest hits.

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Hunger Games Music Video Parody Totally Kills Bruno Mars’ Original

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

The Maynard Triplets are at it again. You may remember their epic Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows music video set to the tune of Beyonce's Halo, well now, they've hijacked another famous song. This time it's Bruno Mars' Grenade. Sisters Mandy, Erin and Missy wrote the lyrics and Mandy performs while playing a blonde version of Suzanne Collins main character Katniss Everdeen. A warning though, as awesome as this is, do not watch it unless you've read the Hunger Games as it contains some serious spoilers. Those who have however will appreciate the comedic/fan value and find themselves singing all the way to theaters in March. Previously in The Hunger Games 

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Prankster Uses Bogus DMCA Notices to Take Down Bieber's YouTube Channel

Just like I predicted on several occasions, YouTube's over-the-top, self-defensive copyright policy has been purposefully abused on a large scale in order to trick YouTube into haphazardly removing videos it had no business being worried about. A currently unknown person registered with the username iLCreation, hopped on YouTube and claimed copyright to each and every Justin Beiber music video. What do you think YouTube did? Took the copyright notifications of an exceedingly famous artist's every video 100% seriously and shut down Beiber's entire Vevo channel without asking for any sort of proof of the claims. As if that weren't enough, a similar attack affected Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars. It makes sense that YouTube enacts their policy this way in order to protect themselves, but this really lays bare how ridiculously extreme that policy is. If the process hadn't been automated and they had given even one second's thought to the situation, you'd think they might come to the conclusion that "Hey, about 5 pop superstars are participating in copyright infringement against one dude and he just noticed and thought to do something about it now, all at once? Hey, wait a minute...." Except that YouTube's all-complaints-are-true, automated copyright policy kept them from arriving at that second sentence.

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Today Leonard Nimoy Doesn’t Feel Like Doing Anything [Video]


As we officially head into Memorial Day weekend and prepare for a few days of (hopefully) pleasant weather, some of us will choose to stay indoors unless something catastrophic comes up. And in this video for the Bruno Mars single "The Lazy Song," today is the day that Leonard Nimoy has decided to not give a flying nga'chuq. (A Klingon word we assured is synonymous with the act of sex.) In other news, millions of Bruno Mars fans just Googled "Leonard Nimoy." (Topless Robot)

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