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Batman Returns

Batman Returns: The Christmas Movie We Deserve

In which a savior is born and dies for our sins

Batman Returns is my favorite Batman movie (I didn't say best, I said favorite, so leave your The Dark Knight comments outside before I call Krampus). In addition to it having a very enjoyable balance between dark character drama and campy fun, it is also a delightful Christmas movie. Not only does it take place during the pagan-turned-Christian holiday, it features the birth of a savior.

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On Gotham, Paul Reubens Will Reprise His Batman Returns Role As Penguin’s Dad

Penguin's never had a father figure on Gotham before, although he does have an unforgettable mother (played by Carol Kane). We'll now finally discover who the Penguin's dad is -- and it turns out it's the same guy we've already seen play Penguin's dad before, because Paul Reubens will be playing the part again, just as he did in Batman Returns. You might know Paul Reubens a little better as Pee Wee Herman.

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Soundtracks: The Stuff Villains Are Made Of

Antagonists, beasties, and an irrational fear of French horns.

Like with heroic themes, a good villain theme reflects the complexity or simplicity of the character, entity, or event. It's probably a little bit of a misnomer to refer to them as "villain" themes, but that is the term I feel lends more symmetry to the "heroes and villains" dichotomy, so I will divide up villainous themes into Individual Antagonists, Beasties, and Events as Antagonist. But first, a little background.

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DC Comics’ Catwoman is Officially Bisexual — Here’s Why That’s Important

Catwoman #39 was released yesterday and confirmed what many fans have guessed over the years about everyone’s favorite cat burglar.

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Here Are All the Netflix Titles We’re Gaining and Losing Come February

Say goodbye to this face.

Let's keep things in perspective here: sure, Black Adder is going the way of Battlestar Galactica and leaving Netflix Streaming, but that's way better than losing most of the BBC catalog, right? We'll meet again, Rowan Atkinson. We'll meet again.

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Ïve Bastrash’s Beautiful Alternate Movie Posters

eye candy

Canadian artist Ïve Bastrash's alternate movie posters are kind of creepy. In that I'm not sure how he got a look at my DVD collection, because that's, like, in my apartment. I'm just saying, if he'd wanted to borrow a movie or two, he could have just asked.

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