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Things We Saw Today: Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman Remains Iconic

Plus Teyonah Parris, Mando toys, and more!

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Geeks like us love to debate over which actor best realized a comic book character. In fact, if you’re reading this site then you’ve likely engaged in heated discussions over who made the best Joker/Superman/Batman. And while we’ve seen several actresses make their mark on Selina Kyle/Catwoman, there is simply something special and unquantifiable that rockets Michelle Pfeiffer’s performance in Batman Returns straight to the top. Pfeiffer perfectly channels the vulnerability, rage, pathos, and camp of the character into one of the best Rogues Gallery performances in Batman history.

Pfeiffer is getting more love for her performance this week thanks to a behind the scenes clip from Batman Returns that went viral. The clip shows Pfeiffer whipping off the heads of 4 department store mannequins before skipping off and using her whip as a jump rope. As the take ends, the crew applauds Pfeiffer’s performance.

A standalone film was planned for Pfeiffer, but never materialized. And even just last year, Pfeiffer said she’d be down to revisit the role, saying “That would be fun, … I loved playing that character and I felt like I was just finding my groove when it ended.”

In 2019, she posted an Instagram video of finding her whip and busting out some moves. The woman’s still got it. Now give us the Catwoman spinoff film we’ve been dreaming of, you cowards!

(image: Warner Bros.)

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