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Time to Talk About That Shocking Episode of Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery returned from midseason hiatus with an episode directed by Jonathan Frakes that kicked us in the head.

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House of Cards Fans Are Blaming Anthony Rapp for the Consequences of Kevin Spacey’s Actions

Rape culture in action, folks

Anthony Rapp has been sharing a selection of all the vicious, victim-blaming tweets and Instagram comments he received for accusing Kevin Spacey.

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Gay Talese Compares Kevin Spacey To Dali Lama, Says Victims Should, “Suck it Up”

Thankfully, since Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual harassment by Anthony Rapp on Buzzfeed news, people have been cutting ties with him left and right. Netflix has dropped him, the Emmy's are no longer giving him an honorary award, and more allegations have been pouring showing that this was a one-time thing. Apparently, Gay Talese did not get the memo.

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“You Only Needed to Be a Man Under 30 for Him to Feel Free to Touch Us”: More Kevin Spacey Horror Stories Emerge

Following actor Anthony Rapp's detailed account of Kevin Spacey's sexual misconduct when Rapp was 14, more men are coming forward.

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[UPDATED] Netflix Has Suspended Production on House of Cards Indefinitely Following Allegations of Sexual Assault

When it's convenient.

Following the publication of Anthony Rapp's Buzzfeed interview in which he accuses Kevin Spacey of assaulting him when he was 14 years old, Netflix announced they would be cancelling House of Cards, which Spacey stars in as well as executive produces. Sort of. Eventually.

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Kevin Spacey Comes Out in Attempt to Deflect Anthony Rapp’s Accusation of Sexual Misconduct

Star Trek: Discovery and longtime theater actor Anthony Rapp gave a harrowing account to Buzzfeed of being the target of Kevin Spacey's advances when he was only 14 years old. Hours after the article with Rapp's story emerged, Spacey attempted to dodge the accusation with a mealy-mouthed apology and coldly calculated public "coming out," as though his the status of his sexuality excused preying on a teenager.

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The Cast of Star Trek: Discovery Took a Knee Against Racial Injustice

I imagine that the cast of Star Trek: Discovery made the spirit of creator Gene Roddenberry—along with legions of fans—even prouder when they knelt en masse to protest the ongoing issues of racial injustice and police brutality in America.

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These Star Trek: Discovery Pics Showcase Diversity…and J.J. Abrams Lens Flares

Star Trek: Discovery is almost upon us, and I couldn't be more excited! Check out new cast photos after the jump!

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