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Starz Is Trying to Get Bryan Fuller and Michael Green “Involved as Much as They Can Be” in American Gods Season Two

During the Starz appearance at the Television Critics Association (TCA), the network understandably received a number of questions about the future of American Gods.

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Gillian Anderson Won’t Return to American Gods for Season Two

The gods are indeed cruel

Gillian Anderson revealed that, due to the departure of showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, she will not be returning to American Gods for Season Two.

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Things We Saw Today: Amber Tamblyn Would Like to Focus More on Women, Less on “the Redemption of Men”

Tamblyn's new piece addresses how quickly many people, especially many men, seem to want to move past this uncomfortable moment and let these accused men find redemption. As Tamblyn states, though, "I'm not ready for the redemption of men."

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American Gods Team Teases “Much More Energy,” Deeper Character Stories, in Season 2

American Gods showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green sat down with Nerdist to hint at their plans for the second season and discuss how the show will continue to explore the expanded stories of female characters like Bilquis, Laura Moon, and Easter.

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Bryan Fuller Celebrates Making TV Gayer in His Outfest Acceptance Speech

In his acceptance speech as the Outfest Achievement Award Honoree, Bryan Fuller looked back at all the opposition he's faced to gay characters on his shows - and how his experience with American Gods demonstrates how much things have changed.

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Betty Gilpin Wrote a Perfect Piece Called “What It’s Like to Have Pea-Sized Confidence With Watermelon-Sized Boobs”

Actress Betty Gilpin, a breakout for roles in GLOW and American Gods, wrote about her body in a way that has me smiling, sighing, laughing, and applauding.

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Why the Big Change to Bilquis’ Story Is the Best Part of Starz’s American Gods

Fans of American Gods have long disputed whether or not the popular novel would translate to a visual medium. The sexually graphic opening scene featuring the goddess Bilquis, in particular, would surely trip any censor, but her character's journey through the show—and how it differs from the source material—is one of its best assets.

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Let’s Talk About the Uneven Season Finale of American Gods

Okay, Gods-watchers, don't strike me down with lightning, but I was rather underwhelmed by the first season's final bow.

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American Gods’ Laura Moon is Awful–And That’s a Good Thing

The thing that makes Laura’s story really something special? The series doesn’t apologize for her awfulness. In many ways, she is fascinating because she is allowed to be terrible.

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Let’s Talk About My New Favorite Episode of American Gods

A Prayer for Mad Sweeney was touching and delightful, and it struck a totally different tone than the episodes we've seen so far. I loved this week's American Gods, and you should, too.

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Watch Emily Browning Play a New Role on Mad Sweeney’s American Gods Episode

Emily Browning, who does an excellent job as "Dead Wife" Laura Moon, will be taking on an entirely different part in episode 7, "A Prayer for Mad Sweeney."

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Let’s Talk About American Gods and Its Very American Guns Episode

Shadow and Wednesday went to meet Vulcan, ancient God of fire and forging, who these days is devoted to the most American of pursuits—firearms manufacturing and the worship of weapons. Meanwhile, an unlikely roadtrip got rolling.

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Meet the “Immigrant” Mexican Jesus Christ from American Gods


In a scene that feels more resonant than ever in Trumpland, we encounter the Spanish-speaking Son of God as he rescues people crossing the border.

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Let’s Talk About American Gods but Mostly Gillian Anderson

So a bunch of things went down on American Gods last night, but who are we kidding? The only thing we really must discuss is Gillian Anderson and how she and I are getting married.

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Watch Gillian Anderson as David Bowie in American Gods, This Is Not a Drill

Literally everything I have ever wanted.

Because they love us, American Gods just broke up a humdrum week with the finest of gifts: an advance clip of my own personal goddess Gillian Anderson embodying my own personal idol, David Bowie. YOU GUYS.

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Let’s Talk About Laura’s Wrenching American Gods Episode

This is my favorite episode of American Gods so far, and a tour-de-force from Emily Browning, who plays Laura Moon. In the course of "Git Gone," Laura transforms from a shallow character into a complicated, nuanced human being. Er, I guess she's sort of still human?

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Behold, It’s Time for Us to Talk About American Gods’ Milestone Episode

Last night's American Gods covered a lot of ground: starry-eyed lessons in Slavic mythos, angry leprechauns, low-key bank robberies, your own personal Jesus, how to make snow happen, and what happens when your wife may not be quite dead. But what we'll likely long remember about "The Secret of Snow" is that it features what is to date the most explicit gay sex scene in television history. And it's beautiful.

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Bless You, Starz: American Gods Renewed for Season Two

Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone, byt STARZ has renewed American Gods for a second season.

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It’s Time to Talk About the Second Episode of American Gods

Last night was American Gods' second episode, "The Secret of Spoons," and we met a lot of crucial players. We were introduced to Mr. Nancy in TV's most fiery scene, saw Gillian Anderson in her fab debut as Media, and learned about Slavic mythology when we feast with the Zorya sisters and of course, Czernobog.

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Episode 3 of American Gods Could Be A Landmark for Queer Middle Eastern Representation

The third episode of American Gods reportedly contains a very explicit gay sex scene between two Middle Eastern men, which left quite a few reviewers feeling hot and bothered. But will it be sexy or exploitative?

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