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Allison Williams Tells Seth Meyers What White Audiences Won’t Accept About Her Get Out Character

SPOILERS all up in here.

Get Out was one of the best and most thought-provoking films of the year, and as it begins what I'm sure will be a successful journey through awards season one of its stars, Allison Williams, was on Late Night with Seth Meyers talking about the film. One of the most interesting things she brought up was the response of white audiences to her character. **SPOILERS beyond this point if you haven't seen the film.**

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Things We Saw Today: Kelly Marie Tran Made Herself a Porg Costume for Halloween

Kelly Marie Tran dressed in a homemade porg costume for Halloween, continuing to prove that she is too pure for this world.

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Goodbye Girls: Redeeming An Irredeemable Character

"This is reality! It's happening now! And you suck at it!" - Hannah, S6, Ep 10, "Latching"

The series finale of HBO's Girls aired last night, marking the end of a six-year journey for a group of female millennials in New York City. The show wasn't necessarily everyone's cup of tea. When the pilot aired six years ago, I didn't think it would be mine. [SPOILER ALERT if you haven't watched the finale yet, and care about being spoiled on Girls.]

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Spoiler-Free Review: Jordan Peele’s Get Out Is Exactly The Thriller We Need Right Now

4.5 out of 5 stars

Films like The Babadook, the story of a single mother protecting her child, and Desierto, a thriller about Mexicans being picked off by a crazed gunman at the southern border of the U.S, are compelling because the terrors they deal in are specific to an experience and told through a specific lens. Jordan Peele's Get Out is an incisive, tense thriller that gets at what's scary about being black in America.

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Get Out Trailer: Jordan Peele’s Horror Film Makes You Wary of Eerie White Suburbs

While we've been seeing a lot of subversive horror films in recent years, I don't know if I've seen many films take on race relations as head-on as Get Out strives to do and it's very exciting.

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Things We Saw Today: Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Dormer Accidentally Kiss

Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Dormer accidentally kissed at the Mockingjay Part 2 premier and all of my anime-watching friends know accidental kissing is how every romance starts.

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Witness the Singing and Dancing of NBC’s Peter Pan Live!

I am so ready for the Christopher Walken-ness delivery of Captain Hook.

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Watch The First Promo Trailer For NBC’S Peter Pan Live!

And it's NOT terrible?

I was all ready to good-naturedly laugh at this but... I kind of love it? Sure, it's just footage from the shooting of the last few "sneak peak" photo sessions, but something about the emphasis on all the behind-the-scenes production for the event struck me as weirdly charming. Which is fantastic, but I'm still fully prepared to laugh at Christopher Walken Hook when the special premieres on December 4th. That's happening . Let's just accept it.

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Holy Moley, It’s The First Poster For NBC’s Live Peter Pan Musical

NBC's Peter Pan musical, starring Girls' Allison Williams, is coming up on December 4th, and here's its first poster. Like last year's The Sound of Music, it will be a live production, and—oh, who are we kidding. You're all staring at Christopher Walken's giant fake mole, right? I know. It's okay. We all are.

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Our First Look At Christopher Walken As Peter Pan Live!‘s Captain Hook Is… Certainly a Look

That is both everything and nothing we could have wanted.

Looks like they're going traditional (read as: Disney-copying) with the Captain Hook costume for NBC's upcoming live event, and in the weirdest way possible at that. What's going on with those cheekbones, Walken? Did you fall into a vat of rouge brushes? Did the six-fingered-man attempt to best you in sword-to-sword combat? Who did this to you? Point them out to us.

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Girls’ Star Allison Williams Strikes A Magazine Cover Pose As NBC’s Peter Pan

I've gotta crow!

Read on to check out a video of her flying practice.

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Did Not See That Coming: HBO Girls’ Allison Williams Will Star As Peter Pan In NBC’s Live Musical

It's the second star to the right, and straight on until Greenpoint.

Get all your "an actor from Girls is playing a boy" jokes our of the way now, friends. I will wait.

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Dragons, Dragons, Wherefore Art My Dragons?: Emilia Clarke To Co-Star in Revisionist Romeo and Juliet?


First, yes, I know "wherefore" in the context of Romeo and Juliet means why, not where. But it was too good a quote to pass up. And the answer to "why are my dragons" is clearly FIRE AND BLOOD! Anyway.

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Could Chronicle‘s Michael B. Jordan Be the New Johnny Storm?


On the heels of yesterday's news that Allison Williams might be up for an unspecified role in Fox's Fantastic Four reboot, another F4 rumor has crossed our path, this one a wee bit more interesting. It's still 100% unofficial, but The Wrap is reporting that Chronicle's Michael B. Jordan is in contention to play Johnny Storm, a.k.a. the Human Torch.

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Fox Remembers They Should Cast People For Their Fantastic Four Reboot, Possibly Shortlists Their First Actress

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Chronicle director Josh Trank's The Fantastic Four reboot is supposed to start filming next month for a 2015 release, so it's kind of odd that nary a cast member has been announced yet. But the dry spell might be coming to an end, as it's being reported that Allison Williams is on the shortlist for an unspecified role (but it's probably Sue Storm, who're we kidding?).

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