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Our First Look At Christopher Walken As Peter Pan Live!‘s Captain Hook Is… Certainly a Look

That is both everything and nothing we could have wanted.

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Looks like they’re going traditional (read as: Disney-copying) with the Captain Hook costume for NBC’s upcoming live event, and in the weirdest way possible at that. What’s going on with those cheekbones, Walken? Did you fall into a vat of rouge brushes? Did the six-fingered-man attempt to best you in sword-to-sword combat? Who did this to you? Point them out to us.

Personally I think I’d like this a lot more if whoever snapped the picture in the first place hadn’t taken Allison Williams and Christopher Walken completely by surprise while they were blocking out their poses. C’mon, here’s no way either of them thought this was going to be the final shot. Look at how akimbo their limbs are! That is not a proper pirate and/or small boy-fighting stance, you two. Come back to me in December when you’ve figured out how to look like you know what you’re doing. Or don’t. After all, that’s really not why people will be watching.

(via USA Today)

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