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Above Average’s Idiot’s Guide to Smart People Explains College

The most college you can get without a pile of debt.

The Idiot's Guide to Smart People is back with an another anthropological look at the habits of smart people—this time in their natural habitat: college. Just remember, idiots: These videos are more about us smart people being able to laugh at ourselves, but feel free to laugh along with us. Hit the jump to watch a trailer for the rest of the video series' upcoming season 2 episodes.

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Above Average Sums up Disaster and Heist Movies in Episodes II & III of One Take Movies

Psst... hey... Above Average... make a bunch more of these...

Earlier this week we saw the first episode of the new Above Average series One Take Movies "Hero Movie" that compressed the entire superhero genre (mostly Raimi's Spider-Man) into a four-minute single take. Now we have episodes II & III that break down "heist" and "disaster" movies the same way.

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This New Series From Above Average Tells Entire Genre Movie Stories in a Single Take, First Up: The Hero Movie

Violence is never the answer!

Could you summarize an entire movie genre in four minutes with just one take? Well, the folks at Above Average sure can. Their new series, One Take Movies, does exactly that. The first episode looks at our beloved superhero films with The Hero Movie, and a lot of the tropes are dead on.

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Above Average’s “Gassy Walt Whitman” Is Our New Favorite Meme

We must fart my darlings, we must bear the brunt of danger.

The Internet loves a good meme, but in their series "Memes That Never Made It" Above Average looks at some of the misses. Today they released another round of "Gassy Walt Whitman" images that take lines from Whitman's poems and turn them into fart jokes. Highbrow? Not really, but that doesn't make us love it any less.

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Spider-Man Hits the Suburbs in This Podtoons Episode From Above Average

See, Spidey! Jersey's not so bad!

Spider-Man is an iconically New York superhero. Without tall building after tall building to swing from he's sort of limited in how he can get around. So what happens when a battle with The Green Goblin brings him out to the New Jersey suburbs? Find in the latest episode of Podtoons from Above Average.

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Make Out With a Ghost in the Latest Episode of Above Average’s Wonderful Approach the Bench

Sadly, Bob Balaban doesn't make out with a ghost.

Things get sexy in Judge Bob Balaban's courtroom today on Approach the Bench. This is the second of the show's meager three episode run, but we're hoping Above Average does more of these. Or they make a Judge Bob Balaban movie. Or Bob Balaban just comes to Geekosystem Headquarters and we all hang out.

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Above Average Asks the Important Questions, Like “Is That Danny Aiello?” in Episode One of Approach the Bench

The answer is maybe, but that is definitely Bob Balaban, who is the best.

When Judge Bob Balaban asks you to approach the bench, you listen—especially if he thinks he's spotted someone famous in the jury. That's what this new series from Above Average shows with scripts taken verbatim from hilarious, real court transcripts (at least, according to the video descriptions).

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The Latest Episode of The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People Tackles Religion

So basically, this teaches how to deal with people like us.

Smart people always thinking they're so smart with their smartness. The. Worst. Right? As a stupid person it's nice to have this webseries from Above Average to guide us through dealing with smarty pants know-it-alls who think they know everything about religion.

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The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People Explains Smart People and Their Weird Musical Tastes

It takes a smart person to love music in a way that takes all of the fun out of it.

Above Average's The Idiot's Guide to Smart People has taken another tongue-in-cheek, self-deprecating look at the habits of "smart people"—this time, as they relate to music. I'm beginning to get the sense that "smart person" is being used as a euphemism for "pedant" here, and I like it.

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The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People Will Help You Understand Smart People, Even If You’re a Smart Person

Today's episode is all about yelling about the government politics.

If you're desperately reading this site in order to understand the geek in your life, aww, that's adorable. You must really care. Well, today you're in luck, because the people at Above Average, who brought us Thingstarter, have a new series called The Idiot's Guide to Smart People that will help you understand why smart people act so strangely.

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The Oscar Statue Gets a Bit More Anatomically Correct in This Sketch From Above Average

Count how many times they say "penis."

Did you know the Oscar statue had a penis until the 1950s? Okay, that's not actually true, but it's the premise for this sketch from Above Average. In it, SNL's Tim Robinson plays a sculptor who is finally restoring the Oscar statue to its full, penis-having splendor... because of reasons?

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Thingstarter Parody: Audiobooks Read by You [Video]

All it takes is nine quick 12-hour recording sessions!

Man, written words are just so 20th century. The new hotness is audiobooks, where you can just barely pay attention to someone reading out loud to you while you fold laundry or nap on the bus. What if you hate the sound of other peoples' voices? Then comedy sketch group Above Average has an idea for you: Audiobooks read to you in your own voice.

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What Did the First Wave Look Like? Probably Similar to This Cartoon

They probably didn't speak English though.

Jon Friedman has an Internet program on the world wide web called The John Friedman Internet Program (On the World Wide Web), and the latest episode illustrates what the first human-to-human wave may have looked like. Enjoy!

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Thingstarter Returns With a Green Solution for Kidnappers

Don't kidnap people, but like, if you do...

We write about a lot of interesting Kickstarter campaigns, but that also means we look at a lot of not-so-interesting ones first. Some are downright bananas. That's why we love the Thingstarter webseries from Above Average. The newest episode promotes a campaign for "Sustainable Kidnapping."

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