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The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People Will Help You Understand Smart People, Even If You’re a Smart Person

Today's episode is all about yelling about the government politics.


If you’re desperately reading this site in order to understand the geek in your life, aww, that’s adorable. You must really care. Well, today you’re in luck, because the people at Above Average, who brought us Thingstarter, have a new series called The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People that will help you understand why smart people act so strangely.

This first episode centers around politics and the basic concept that none of us have any real idea (or power over) what’s really going on in the government, which makes people who think they do act kind of crazy sometimes. Sorry about that. Also, if you feel like you’re among the “idiots,” don’t take it too hard. Most of the video is a coy reminder to smart people that we don’t always see ourselves clearly, and we’re not nearly as smart as we think we are.

They’ll also tackle how smart people react to other subjects like religion and sarcasm-hadoukens, so you’ve got that to look forward to in the trailer for the upcoming episodes:

They’ve got a bunch of other fun new web series coming up as well, and you can check them all out right here.

(via Above Average)

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