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Emo Kylo Ren Was Right: Cosplay How To Video Shows That It Ain’t Easy Being Kylo Ren

Step 2: bondage collar.

Costumer and crafty designer Dawn Bright, a member of the storied 501st Legion, created one of the most accurate Kylo Ren cosplays out there right now, and folks: it really isn't easy being Kylo Ren.

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How Will Adorable Droid R2-KT Next Be Included in Star Wars Canon?

R2-KT is an adorable pink droid who's been around for ten years, created by members of the 501st Legion to memorialize a young girl named Katie Johnson who passed away in 2005 from a brain tumor. You may have seen R2-KT pop up in the Star Wars universe before on The Clone Wars. Now, its seems as though her journey throughout that galaxy far, far away will continue. SPOILERS AHOY.

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501st Legion Stormtrooper Does 501-Mile Walk to SDCC in Memory of Late Wife

Hey friends in California, if you've seen a Stormtrooper walking somewhere between San Francisco and San Diego, you should hear the heartwarming story behind his journey. Kevin Doyle lost his wife Eileen to pancreatic cancer on November 7th of 2012, and walked the whole 645 miles from Rancho Obi-wan in Petaluma, California to San Diego Comic Con in her memory.

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Supernatural Star Misha Collins Asks GISHWHES Scavenger Hunters to Solicit Sci-Fi Writers for Free Stories

How many points for an angry refusal letter?

GISHWHES (the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen) is a charity scavenger hunt created and run by Supernatural star Misha Collins. This year, one of the items on the list was a sci-fi story written specifically for the hunt, and overwhelmed sci-fi authors aren't too happy about it.

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Oh, The Feels: 501st Legion Send Stormtrooper Suit To Another Bullied Girl

Meesa getting verklempt.

I guess they have a lot of Clone War crimes to atone for: an international group of Star Wars fans named after Vader's 501st Legion have gone from battling Jedi to gender bias. The world's largest Imperial costuming organization is giving girls literal armor with which to protect themselves from bullies: a pint-sized Stormtrooper outfit built to the exact specifications of the original movies.

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The 501st Legion Is Crowdfunding Imperial Code Cylinder USB Drives, Someone Crowdfund a Rebel Base!

Crowdfunding Imperial Code Cylinders? What's next? Someone's going to Kickstart a Death Star?

When someone tried to fund a Death Star on Kickstarter we may have had some unkind words about it, but this Indiegogo campaign to fund Imperial Code Cylinder USB drives? This we kind of love-- Unless it's the first step in a plan by the 501st Legion to build a Death Star and rule the galaxy.

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Star Wars Katie Gets Her Own Stormtrooper Armor Thanks To The 501st

May The Force Be With You

Remember Star Wars Katie? The young girl bullied by peers at school for liking the sci-fi saga simply because she was a girl? She made a splash online thanks to a blog written by her mother Carrie Goldman, who has since gone on to write a book on bullying called "Bullied: What Every Parent, Teacher, and Kid Needs to Know About Ending the Cycle of Fear." We had a nice update on Katie late last year and she of course, continued to be awesome, but there's a new chapter to be told. See, Katie wanted to be a Stormtrooper for Halloween this year and the 501st Legion made it happen.

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Steampunk Stormtrooper Helmet

Ever have one of those days?  Your evil, mostly clockwork, mouth-breathing boss sends you down to yet another inhospitable planet on a wild goose chase.  And not just any planet, but one where it's a billion degrees in the shade, the most efficient method of travel is on giant smelly iguanas, and you just know that you're going to be shaking sand out of the switches and gears in your uniform for at least a month.  It hasn't even occurred to you to ask, "Why do we have spears?"

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