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How Will Adorable Droid R2-KT Next Be Included in Star Wars Canon?


R2-KT is an adorable pink droid who’s been around for ten years, created by members of the 501st Legion to memorialize a young girl named Katie Johnson who passed away in 2005 from a brain tumor. You may have seen R2-KT pop up in the Star Wars universe before on The Clone Wars. Now, its seems as though her journey throughout that galaxy far, far away will continue. SPOILERS AHOY.

clone wars

It seems that R2-KT will next be appearing in The Force Awakens! According to Katie’s dad, Albin Johnson, via Geeks Speak:

Mary Franklin of Lucasfilm asked me to pitch the idea to Kathleen Kennedy (Lucasfilm President), and after hearing the story of our pink ambassador of hope Lucasfilm requested we ship her off to London early last year. Quick repairs were made and off she went for six months,” Johnson says in his email. While he could not disclose just when we could expect to see the pink droid, he was assured that she will definitely appear.

It’s pretty amazing what fans can accomplish when they work together! If you want to learn more about the charitable efforts being done through “the Imperial droid with a heart of gold,” check out the R2-KT website for more info. Then, look out for her during The Force Awakens!

Katie would be so proud.

(via io9)

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