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This Just Got Real: Swedish Police Raid Call Of Duty Session

When a ten-person strong team of Swedish police officers responded to an emergency call over the weekend, they didn’t know what they were in for, but considering the details they had to go on — the caller’s description of the situation stated had included the sound of gunshots and frantic cries for help — they can be forgiven for expecting the worst. Happily, rather than  gruesome abbatoir they may have anticipated, the officers were instead confronted with… a group of teenagers playing Call of Duty.

Apparently, the emergency call was placed by a neighbor who, being unfamiliar with video games in which one simulates life in a brutal warzone, thought that life in a nearby apartment had devolved into a brutal warzone after hearing loud gunfire and cries for help. While those things may be commonplace to many of us — especially the cries for help, often a good sign that the guys who was supposed to be defending your base got bored and decided to try and rack up some melee kills instead — they’re enough to really freak the hell out of other citizens.

The group of gamers was led outside of the apartment by police, and explained that no, no one was being actually shot, assaulted, or even roughed up in the apartment, though some threats had been made against Sven, whose corpse-humping was becoming an embarrassment to the team. After clearing up the incident, police left without filing any charges regarding the overly rowdy gaming, as it is thankfully not against the law in Sweden to pwn noobs. Yet, anyway.

(via The Escapist)

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