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Susan Collins is Shocked, SHOCKED I Tell You

Don't worry everyone, she's very disappointed.

Close up of Susan Collins' face as she looks down

Maine Senator Susan Collins is shocked, nay dismayed, that the virulently anti-abortion Supreme Court judges she helped elect are now overturning Roe v. Wade. Collins, who voted to confirm Trump-appointed judges Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh (she voted against Amy Coney Barrett) released a statement saying, “If this leaked draft opinion is the final decision and this reporting is accurate, it would be completely inconsistent with what Justice Gorsuch and Justice Kavanaugh said in their hearings and in our meetings in my office.” Wow! Susan Collins was lied to by two men who have openly anti-abortion views? But they proooooooomised!

Collins, along with Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski, are the two lone republican senators who support abortion rights … in theory. But both women voted against the Women’s Health Protection Act in March, offering alternative legislation that would have offered little protection for abortion rights. And now that Roe v. Wade is on the chopping block, neither have offered anything in the way of protecting the statute.

During Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, Collins was a critical vote. She claimed to believe him, saying “When I asked him whether it would be sufficient to overturn a long-established precedent if five current justices believed it was wrongly decided, he emphatically said no.” In 2018, she told CNN, “I do not believe Brett Kavanaugh will overturn Roe v. Wade.”

So either Susan Collins is the most gullible senator in the chamber, or (more likely) she is a bad faith actor who pretends to support abortion rights in a desperate attempt to win women voters. Both are deeply craven, hypocritical qualities that only speak ill of her character.

Many took to Twitter to call out Collins, who will likely do nothing to save Roe v. Wade beyond pretending to be concerned and disappointed.

(via CNN, image: Stefani Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images)

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