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Protesters hold a large banner in front of the Supreme Court building at night, reading "Impeach Thomas"
Read Article No, Sonia Sotomayor’s Children’s Book Sales Are Not the Same as Clarence Thomas’ Ethics Mess
Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor reads from a children's book, showing the pictures.
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A photo of Clarence Thomas looking askance superimposed over a picture of an island beach.
Read Article ‘Stunningly Wrong’: Samuel Alito Thinks Congress Has No Power Over Him
Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Ethics
Read Article Michael Imperioli Is Forbidding Bigots From Enjoying His Work
Michael Imperioli
Read Article Following Affirmative Action Decision, Harvard Is Being Sued for Blatantly Discriminatory Legacy Admissions
A group of protesters rally for affirmative action.
Read Article Laugh Through the Pain of This Week’s Abysmal Supreme Court Rulings With Some Good Memes
Bill Hader meme dancing through the madness.
Read Article Justice Sotomayor’s Dissent in 303 Creative Is a Subtle Condemnation of Her Conservative Colleagues’ Cowardice
A zoomed-out photo of the Justices of the Supreme Court posing together for a portrait.
Read Article Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s Student Debt Relief Program
At a protest, one demonstrator holds a sign reading "cancel student debt"
Read Article The Gay Couple Who Wanted a Homophobic Designer to Make Their Wedding Website Apparently Doesn’t Exist
A white woman in a pink blazer stands in front of the Supreme Court building and smirks at the camera.


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