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F*ck Yes! SuperF*ckers Gets a Weekly Web Series

Would you ever think that the producers of kid-friendly fare like The Fairly OddParents and Adventure Time would work to bring comic book writer/artist James Kochalka’s Top Shelf Productions comic series SuperF*ckers to animated life? Probably not — and yet, that is a thing that has happened in the world in which we live. With a first season slated for air in early 2013 and appearing as a joint exclusive between the official SuperF*ckers and Cartoon Hangover YouTube channels, you have absolutely no reason to miss the trashiest superhero comedy to date!

In case you’re not up on the comic series, SuperF*ckers is kind of like Teen Titans, except with more drinking, swearing, vomiting, and other unsavory acts of debauchery. In essence, it’s a much more true-to-life take on DC Comics’ band of young adult heroes.

Just like the SuperF*ckers team itself, the voice cast is just as motley as the characters they give life and personality to. Notable actors include Dave Faustino of Married with Children fame as Jack Krak, and Jaleel White — a.k.a Steve “Carl Winslow’s Bane” Urkel — as Percy. Also rounding out the cast is series creator James Kochalka, lending his voice to the team’s blobby pet Grotus and the crusader of caca, Shitstorm!

SuperF*ckers began its first profanity-laden season last week with more episodes set to air every Friday. Be sure to check out some awesome behind the scenes footage of the actors in the studio, as well as the series’ official Tumblr for info, updates, and other items of interest.

Watch the trailer here:

(YouTube via Laughing Squid)

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