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I’ve Done It, I’ve Found the Best of All Possible Doghouses

What's better than a doghouse decorated with Super Mario Bros. art? Nothing, at least where doghouses are concerned.


Mario Dog House 1

I was walking through the Phillipsburg Mall in Phillipsburg, New Jersey the other day with my family and stumbled across the single greatest doghouse ever to exist in history. I present you with “Bow Wowser’s Castle” by artist Sam Boglioli. There were a bunch of dog houses around the mall, but none of the others were geek-themed, so I didn’t bother taking pictures of them.

Take a look at the other sides of this masterpiece. Here’s the front:

Mario Dog House 4

My dog would probably chew those piranha plants right off, but at least if he eats that star he’d be invincible for a little while. Here’s the man himself on one of the sides of the house:

Mario Dog House 3

Here’s the other side, showing off a few more bad guys:

Mario Dog House 2

This is probably where that dog from Duck Hunt lives.

“Bow Wowser’s Castle” is being auctioned off along with the other — far less interesting — doghouses to benefit The Center for Animal Health & Welfare, a charity in Easton, Pennsylvania that as you may expect centers on the health and welfare of animals. Full disclosure, I’ve donated to this charity in the past, but didn’t know they’re the ones benefiting from the auction until after I had decided that “Bow Wowser’s Castle” was the greatest dog house ever made.

The auction is on July 12th at the Phillipsburg Mall. I expect “Bow Wowser’s Castle” to sell for 14 million gold coins.

(via Center for Animal Health & Welfare)

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